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Speakout 7/31

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm a resident of New Madrid, Mo., and I'm very concerned about our water supply. Some days when I run my shower water or tub bath, it's brown. There's been no boil order water. They're not out working on the hydrant. One day it tastes like chlorine and I feel like I'm drinking water out of my swimming pool. The next day it's crystal clear, you smell no odor and it tastes good. There's more days that it tastes horrible. I'm really concerned that that brown water I see in my bath tub is what I'm drinking also. I've also had a lot of stomach trouble lately. Is somebody monitoring our water? Is there a competent operator there? Is there a break somewhere? Somebody needs to be looking into this because it could effect the health of the whole town. City leaders, get busy on our water. We would like to have some good water again like we had in the past.

According to city officials, the city is required to test the water on a regular basis. Samples are taken and sent to the Department of Natural Resources. No problems were found with the samples. If you have trouble with the water in your area, call 748-2866.

Is there anyone here in Sikeston that can work on a Poulan weed eater. It's a gas weed eater. I don't know of anyone. My number is 471-7376, or you can leave your number in the paper. I have one that's not very old and there's a little something wrong with it, don't know what, but I can't afford to pay very much. Please let me know.

This is in response to Free ride can't continue. I'd just like to say you mentioned Bible four times and God twice in your comment. I can't see how anyone who can talk about the Bible, or God, can be so cruel with your racist comments. It's true, there are many people sitting up on welfare that are able to work. And true, they need to be out there working for themselves. I agree on all that. But it's not just black people that you have insinuated in your comment. I really think you should look at the statistics. Because if you did, it would be the NAACP that's having this problem with the public aid or welfare problem, for the other races. I think you need to look at your Bible a little closer and read it a little better, you'd understand it talks about love. Love thy neighbor. And those that are out here struggling to do better aren't always better to do so for people like you holding them back for the color of their skin.

- - -

I would like to comment about the one who called in about the free ride. It doesn't take NAACP to see that your are only angry at the black people. When you got more white people drawing food stamps, welfare and free rides.

We are having a drive for missions, it's for God. If anybody out there has any trinkets, kids clothes, baby clothes or anything, please call 475-9625.

I would just like to put this out there about a certain landlord who is crooked as the day is long. I've lived in my house for eight months. I have always paid my rent every month. I figured by paying my rent the way I did maybe the landlord would take that money and fix what needed to be fixed around the house. Well, was I ever wrong! I have four small children. I had problems with him in the winter because I had no heat. This summer, I've had problems because we had no air, amongst everything else that isn't fixed in the house. So, I paid my rent last month and three days later I received a notice to vacate the premises by Aug. 15 because he doesn't have the money to fix the house. Where did my rent money go, in your pocket? Yes, I called Code Enforcement. What you're doing isn't right. You're the reason a lot of landlords get a bad rep. So, I hope you enjoy spending my rent money in court. I hope I never have to deal with a heartless landlord like you again. Have a blessed day.