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Speakout 7/3

Monday, July 3, 2006

I was watching the news the other day and I heard that our government is charging some of our soldiers for murder over in Iraq. What the hell is that? I thought we were at war? People are shooting at our soldiers and trying to kill our soldiers, but when they kill someone they get murder? What type of government do we have? The Iraqi's show it on the internet of cutting heads off our reporters and soldiers, but still our soldiers get murder charges put on them. I am very mad at the government for doing stupid stuff when our guys are over there risking there lives for the president who brought this war on. Just because his Dad couldn't get the job done when he was in office. What is this world turning into? Soldiers at war risking there lives, but when someone kills the enemy our boys get murder charges?! What a world we live in huh?

A recent SpeakOut writer condemned the new voter I.D. law which allows my vote to count the same as another voter. The item tells me either the person did not read the Standard's article on the bill, or the law. I do not know how this new bill could make it any easier for a legitimate voter to vote. All it asks for is the same I.D. I need to use to identify myself in daily life. I want my vote to count and not have another person vote ten times. The bill, if you take the time to read it, actually makes it easy for the legitimate voter to vote. Yet, the far left Democrats want to say how unfair it is. Why? Is it because it will stop their voter fraud, especially in St. Louis and Kansas City?

They need to really check in to these people that are on Medicaid that are running to two or three doctors. Go out here to one and get them a pain shot and then go up to Advance and get something else done. I'd like to know how you do that and get by with it? What is wrong with our system that they can't check in to all of these freeloading son-of-a-guns that are doing this? It is ridiculous. And every time you turn around, one of them is having surgery done. They really need to do something about this. The system is going broke over these freeloaders.

All of the problems we have in this country can be blamed on Bill Clinton and all the liberals that support him and all the liberals that don't.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Barry Bonds breaking Babe Ruth's record. Here's the way it is: Bond has came to bat 989 times more than Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth would hit a home run every seven and a half to eight times at bat. That means Ruth could have hit another 120 home runs if he had 989 times at bat. People don't realize that Babe Ruth was a great pitcher. He holds the record for the most wins in the World Series. There's no comparison to Barry Bonds or any baseball player today as far as Babe Ruth. He was the greatest ballplayer that ever lived. It took Barry Bonds 989 more times at bat to hit 714 home runs. Just imagine what Babe Ruth would have done? He probably would have hit 850 with another thousand times at bat. Let's don't compare Barry Bonds or any other player with Babe Ruth. He was the greatest. Hank Aaron was a great ballplayer. Hank Aaron was good for baseball. But Hank Aaron came to bat 2,500 times more than Babe Ruth. So Babe Ruth would have probably hit another 250 homers if he would have come to bat 2,500 times more. Hank Aaron was a respected ballplayer and he loved the game. Barry Bonds is a joke. His record should be taken away from him. Not only him, but many ballplayers that are on any kinds of drugs. Don't compare them. Look at your history of baseball. He pitched for six years before he became a regular ballplayer. Back in them days you only played 154 games a year.