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SpeakOut 1/28

Monday, January 28, 2008

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This is to the caller who wants to ask Hillary Clinton about menopause. What a good idea. But why stop at Hillary? Let's ask all candidates that question. We should have asked George Bush those same questions: "Have you been over your menopause? Have you reached menopause?" Then maybe we wouldn't have lost so many soldiers and Marines in Iraq. It'll take a menopausal woman to bring this country back to greatness.

This is to the person who dropped the big, black Lab dog off at my house in Mississippi County on Jan. 11. This is a big burden to me. It knocks my gate down, gets in my front yard several times a day. I'm afraid it will attack my poodle when she goes out to potty. Your dog is not welcome here. Shame on you. If you have an unwanted dog, then take it to the Humane Society. People have their own animals.

Mitt Romney's, and in truth all of our two-party elite Congress's solution to the economic depression and mass exodus for Michigan is to throw more money in the form of corporate subsidies and lowered taxes at the already rich. When all Congress has ever needed to do is to ban in this country the sale of products produced by so-called American companies of goods not produced in this country. The business community can reduce its standard excessive profit margin recommendations and stop using growth as the standard. Of course we all know our super rich Congress, Nancy Pelosi's $12,000 pearls, Kit Bond's family worth over $200 million before he was elected, etc., has no interest whatsoever in ordinary Americans. My solution is to ban the pampered ivy league and their suck-up wannabes from serving in our representative government because they already don't represent the majority of the American people. And have done everything they could to destroy and exploit the middle and lower classes. It's clear from the lengths that the wealthy elite will go to deprive the ordinary American of information and free open discussion. The United States is no democracy, but an oligarchic tyranny. And it's time for the people to hit the streets like they're doing in Pakistan and Kenya and other third world countries. Forget the movies, the TVs, the newspapers, they're all liars, thieves and bullies. Surge in the streets and give them a mass rebel yell. Show what the people can do when they're fed up and not going to take it anymore.

There's a much better way to bring the change you propose. Volunteer to help the candidate who best fits your model and speak constantly for the change you support. If you advocate duplicating Pakistan or Kenya here, you are well off-base. Participation is much more effective than protest.