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Speakout 3/26

Sunday, March 26, 2006

For let's ride the trains, they also seem to be Christian experts. I was wondering if they could put in the SpeakOut what chapter and verse in the Bible that it says it's unchristian and immoral to produce toxic waste? It has to be stored for 10,000 years and perhaps they can tell us what expertise they have in nuclear physics?

I'm really sick and tired of listening to someone down school teachers. School teachers work all year. You think that they just go to work at 8 o'clock and they get off at 3 o'clock and the rest of the day and they do nothing. Well my wife is a school teacher and has been for 19 years. Not only does she come and she spends hours and hours of grading papers till sometimes 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning, but then she has those students that the parents won't take responsibility for, and she buys them clothes and tries to take care of them. We spend money to try and buy them the things they need to do their school work, but to down the school teachers is a sin. They are the ones that are teaching our children. The ones to blame here are the parents at home who don't care if the kids are getting a good education or not. That's not to say all parents are like that. There are some wonderful parents, they're kind, get involved and help and interested and want their kids to do well because they know they have college to attend. But on the most part, you have people that come that have lice everyday, there's always something wrong that they have to be sent home. We have the best school system anywhere around. Our teachers are wonderful. They are career people. They are smart, knowledgeable and they give our kids a good education. I have three daughters that went to this school and they have been wonderful, wonderful people. I think it's a shame to blast the doctors when they need to look in the mirrors and ask what they have done for their child today. The doctors need to look to see what they can do to get a hold of the problems they are having to do a better job. We can do it if we try because we have a wonderful facility to do it. Don't down Sikeston. Sikeston is a wonderful place to live and educate our kids and we have wonderful facilities for medical care.

I'm commenting on Peter Kinder's advertisement I just seen on KFVS. He said that we should check a block on our tax form for the military fund for the families that have military overseas. I'm wondering why people have to take that out of their taxes. We are paying taxes for these people to go over there every week out of our paycheck. Why don't they take some of the money away from these schools and give it to these military families and then they'll have money? Seems like all this money from the lottery goes to the schools. I think they should give half to the schools and half to the military families. We pay taxes 52 weeks a year and I feel like every time the school needs money they get it and I feel like the military families need money too. Instead of taking it out of your income tax check, they need to take it out of state funding.

The state of Texas has given the United States three presidents with about the same agenda. All three were Republicans and if you say LBJ was Democrat you are wrong. LBJ was Republican until the 1960's and then he swapped parties because the Republicans were losing at the polls. And even at that, Texas was his state and Texas is a southern Democrat state with Republican issues. All three were Republicans and supported tax breaks to pay off their sponsors. I think it's time we gave up as Texas as a state for presidents. Maybe we can call Texas for a janitor to clean up a mess in Washington like we just had.