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SpeakOut 2/17

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Call 471-6636

Would you please see if we can get these political calls stopped or blocked or something? It will be a lot worse in November. I feel so sorry for people who are ill that have to answer the phone every two minutes. I guess it's OK if you have Caller ID. but I can't afford that. So what do we do?

You can register your phone number at www.stoppoliticalcalls.org. With The National Political Do Not Call Registry Charter Membership, you'll be able to register one phone number with the National Political Do Not Contact Registry and receive Citizens for Civil Discourse's (CCD) member newsletter.

This is in regard for the people looking for Medicaid coverage. You might check with a dentist that accepts Medicaid in Sikeston. If you're not covered by Medicaid, the Regional Center has been paying for some procedures - I don't know exactly which ones they are. You might check with them also.

If farms subsidies were ended in this country, the land would be better cared for, not poisoned with insecticides, shorn of all plants and trees, turning our most valuable resource into a toxic desert. There's not enough land in this country to allow a single person or family to control miles and miles of it. Landholdings must be restricted to the acreage a single owner could farm himself. This would force landowners to treat the land with respect, not just exploit it anyway to qualify for a government handout. It also must be required that landowners occupy the land they own or lose it to a national land trust to be distributed. Organic farming would increase when landholders were forced to personally, with no substitutes, make a living from the land. These reforms need to be made before the greedy so-called farmers who are in reality only landowners, kill all the productive soil in this country. And, oh yes, shut down Monsanto, indicting the CEO's and management with homicide and outright poisoning of thousands through our food and water supplies. And killing our future children by the herbicide/pesticide sale causing cancers, reduced sperm count and DNA alteration in all our children. As recently pointed out in a St. Louis Post Dispatch article called Sperm and Salamanders, published on Feb. 3, the sperm counts of rural Missouri and other state's children is significantly lower and altered from those area where so-called farming is concentrated. Stop poisoning our citizens to enrich only a handful. It's time to consider the well-being of poor, middle-classed Americans, who as the only real tax payers, are footing the bill for this increasingly fascist military and government and land owning elite. This elite government must stop it now or someday we will make you. I guarantee you you won't like it. Show what the people can do when they aren't going to take it anymore.

This is to all the whiners complaining about teachers attending workshops. Teachers do not want to go these workshops anymore than you want us to be there. They are mandated by the state. Furthermore, you keep complaining about teachers not being good. If you think you can do a better job, home school your children. We won't mind because your children are probably the ones causing problems at school in the first place.

Could someone please tell me why Sikeston and Scott Central do not play? I believe if there was a game between Sikeston and Scott Central, we would truly know who's the best team in Scott County.

I'm reading tonight's paper and come across Time has come in SpeakOut. The person said this country would have been in a lot better shape if Bush would have backed out like Blunt did. They say hopefully we will recover. It's a little hard to recover when your children don't come home from fighting a war because a man is trying to prove something to his daddy, trying to finish what his dad started. You don't recover from losing your children. Hillary should run the country. We sure don't need Obama Bin Laden running the country. Think where we're gonna be four years from now. I hope everybody is smart this time. If everybody listens to what people are saying and realize that it was a big joke that Hillary ran the country before, while her husband was getting his freak on under the desk. You don't think he actually did anything good then. He was running it then and we did okay. It's not because she's a woman, but I'm saying that because I'm a woman. I'm saying it because it's what we need. She doesn't need to prove anything to her daddy and finish something he started. She'll end this war and bring what children we have left home. I will kidnap my child and hide him before I let him go over there and die for Bush. Let Bush's daughters get on the front line.