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SpeakOut 2/18

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm trying to get the phone number where you can call the Malco Trio where you can talk to an actual person. I called the number in the phone book 471-

8420 and all I get is a movie listing. I'd like to call and talk to a real person about a movie. I would like to speak to a manager.

When Malco Cinema is open, the employees are in areas that the phone cannot be heard and if they could hear the ring, they couldn't leave their position to answer. They have a recording of the movie listings and times to accommodate the public making it convenient for them to know what is playing at what time. If anyone has questions concerning a movie, they are welcome to come to the Malco during operation hours and someone will be glad to answer your questions.

The people complaining about the school letting their children out early on "In Service Workshop" days are confused. This public school system is not a baby sitter service. They are in the business of educating. As with any important job, periodic training for teachers is imperative to keep pace with our ever changing world. If "having to take off from work" while the teachers are learning new ways to teach your children is too much of a burden, perhaps you should give your children up for adoption. Then maybe they'll get parents who are willing to make the supreme sacrifice of having to watch them for a few hours every now and then. Alternatively, maybe they'll get parents who develop a babysitting plan for days the children aren't in school. Heaven knows, society shouldn't expect you to watch your own children or provide for their care. Honestly!

Mike, I would love to thank our policeman Jackie Hays in the city of Morehouse. They were out Tuesday night sounding the tornado sirens when there were tornadoes. This city policeman of ours, I mean he was right on target. He stayed on that tornado siren until everyone was alerted. I just want to thank him and praise him for that. If the Fire Department was involved I want to thank and praise them also. When we got our tornado siren, Barbara McIntyre was mayor. She is the one that got it for us. We just want to thank and praise her also. I want to thank our policeman for being on target with that siren when there were so many tornadoes and storms Tuesday night.

I enjoy reading the comments people make in SpeakOut. But I, for one, when they keep mentioning that Gov. Blunt that was in there, that he was out of office, I'm glad he's not in there anymore either. For one thing, maybe we will get a governor that will stop some of these old mayors from getting us stuck with some of these laws we don't need.

I'd like to give a word of advice to older party goers, or just any party goers that have been out real late in the wee hours of the morning, after 1 o'clock. If they drink heavy, or hard liquor or too much of any alcohol, and drive to work the next day, they can get a DWI. For years people never even thought about it. I sure would like people to be conscious of it because there's lots of drunk drivers out on the highways in the morning that don't even know they're drunk suffering from hangovers.

Well, it looks like good, old George is making one last attempt to bankrupt the USA with his latest budget. To be a supposed Conservative, he is proving himself to be a liar. The last three Republican presidents have put our country in debt like never before. All we can do is hope he hasn't damaged our country so bad that it can't be fixed. Oh, for the next 10 months to go by quick!

KFVS TV was not on top of the weather situation Feb. 5. They would show towns, like 30 minutes until East Prairie, and go back to the election. Thirty minutes what - tornado, rain, wind? I think they were afraid people watching the election would change channels, they just left us hanging wondering what was going on.

I was calling about the Feb. 6 paper. I really liked the column about spring sports being under appreciated. I was also a spring sports athlete and I coached spring and summer sports. I've seen where a lot of schools that I worked at had an athletic banquet late in the school year when spring sports were not completed and they were not even included in the banquet. Thank you for making a good point. There are a lot of good baseball players, tennis players, track and so on that don't get recognition. Sometimes I wonder if it's not because of the revenue it doesn't bring in at the gate like basketball and the amount of games.

My granddaughter lives on Dale Street out by Jerry James trailers. She has a little dog that is dark brown with a white spot. It's a Chihuahua or a weenie dog. Her name is Mandy. My granddaughter is 9 years old and she is very upset. If anyone has seen this dog, please call 472-8141. She wants her dog back real bad.