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Speakout 5/24

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey Mike, what's up? Tell Don I said, "Hi!" I'm calling about the article in your Sunday paper called Hogwash. That's a true statement about the illegal aliens, I don't care if they are Mexicans or what. I work for a company, it has been almost 10 years. Three of my friends have worked there almost six years and they lost their jobs. Just two days ago we got in seven Mexican workers and I just found out that they're paying those seven $16 an hour for all seven. I make $10 an hour. He's paying them about $2 to $2.50 an hour. That is slavery. I saw a TV show where a black man was saying that we needed to end slavery. We are having slavery again in this country by bosses hiring Mexicans not illegal here and paying them $2 to $3 an hour. My friends lost their jobs on account of my boss could hire these workers for less money so he could make more money. This is slavery. I don't care what anybody says Mike, this is plum slavery. My friends are out there trying to get unemployment, and will probably be denied. They got a wife and kids. And this man hires these Mexicans that can't hardly even speak English enough that you can't hardly even understand their names. And I have to work with them and be their supervisor. I wish I could quit today, because I would. This is a true statement and it goes on everywhere. No lies in here. It is a very, very true statement.

This is a comment to the Board of Probation and Parole. I'd like to know why these convicted felons, especially the ones convicted for drug usage, when they get on minimum probation, they are never called in for urine tests or any kind of thing to test if they are still using drugs? I know many, many of them that are on minimum probation that are never called in and I think they need to be checked in every once in a while. You put them on minimum probation and then let them get away with every thing they were convicted for. Start testing some of these felons and get them off the streets.

I am a mother of a 17-year old in Morehouse. For the last year he has been able to go to the store and has never been asked for ID. This past weekend he was refused cigarettes by one of the store keepers because they asked for ID and he didn't have it. My son looks older than his age but he is only 17 and we appreciate the store finally cracking down and not selling cigarettes and liquor to minors.

Tell the world, Mr./Ms. perfect person that has worked for an ambulance service and doctor's office, about all the injustice being done against the system. Have you ever collected child support, WIC or welfare or used any legal assistance for which the system has paid for? How about your children? Have they ever been on Medicaid, had any children out of wedlock that the system has paid for? How many? How often are you in the doctor's office or the ER? Please clean up around your own back door before you shove trash around.

Can anyone give me any information on the 20-year class reunion of the Sikeston Class of 1986? I thought I would have heard something about it by now. I would like to know when and where it is going to be held. If anyone has any information, please call and leave it in SpeakOut.