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Your view: Can't stop the flow

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good morning!

Mr. Editor, you might want to ask an American what they think of illegal immigration. There is no reason why the Mexicans shouldn't come across the border. The white Europeans raided this country and established the borders. Then got too lazy and brought black people in to work.

This land was given to the red man by God, it was their promised land! God put every race on earth where he wanted them, and gave each race a language. But the white folks were greedy. The white race has invaded every country on earth, and are now claiming the moon! What happened to the Indians will happen to the white race, also. The Indians could not stem the flow of illegal aliens, the white eyes. And the white eyes will not stem the flow of Mexicans!

God separated the races and gave each a different language. But the white race think they own the universe. My grandparents on my dad's side were Irish and Dutch and Apache. Grandparents on my mom's side were Cherokee and Osage. My wife's grandparents were Irish, Navajo and Sioux. Even the land Sikeston sits on used to belong to France and Spain, but was stolen from American Indians. You don't have to wait 20 years for civil war. Succession will get the attention of our elected officials. Or Sikeston could be made a gated community.

Maybe the country needs to be rid of white rule. I am white, but Indian blood flows in my veins. I have black people and Mexican in my family. The races will never fully agree. God doesn't want us to. Remember the Tower of Babel? So illegal immigration will continue, as will crime.

Over 800 new laws were passed in Missouri last year. Within the next 20 years, Missouri will probably be under martial law. It happened before. During the Civil War, German immigrants in Missouri sided with the North and the Yankees declared martial law. History has been known to repeat itself.

Anyway, the flow of Mexicans is not going to stop. Nor will the Cubans, the Haitians, or any race.

Thank you for your time.


Larry Coram

Oran, Mo.