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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

Speakout 2/25

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I think they should send Hillary over there to fight the Iraqis. And Bill and their daughter. They always are wanting to send someone else's kids over there. They ain't never went. Her brother never went. None of her family has ever been in there. Kennedy is a good one to get up there to shout and scream for what he done. He ought to be over there and let them shoot at him. Why don't they send some of them big Democrats that is so against the war? They wasn't against it when Truman and Johnson and all of them was in there. Noooo, that was all right. They were filling their pockets with money. Send some of them Democrats and some of these lazy ones on welfare over there. Draft them. They drafted the other boys in World War II and I'm one of them that had them to go.

Mike, we know that you are a betting man and now that the ethanol plant is starting it's equity drive, how many days will you bet it will take to fill the equity drive?

In your Sunday, Feb. 18th paper saying apologizing for slavery won't fix the racial gap. We've already apologized, we already fixed the problem. I won't apologize because I wasn't back in that era and we're already paying for it right now with all the people who don't want to work, the welfare babies and the housing projects. Who do you think is paying for it? Us taxpayers. So get off your high horse, representative. I'm not apologizing for nothing. I work for a living. Why don't you have everybody else do the same thing in this state? We've got tons of lazy people in every gender and every color.

This is on your Sunday topic of Healthy flies, about Colonel Sanders and his restaurants if he was still alive. No, he wouldn't put up with that, not at all. He was particular with cleanliness, his reputation and quality of product. These fly-by-night owners, these franchise mom-and-pop restaurants are the same. Maybe you should learn how to cook. Maybe that would help you out, too. Instead of relying on drive-throughs, and always in a hurry to go nowhere, talking on your cell phone at a red light that won't go. Maybe you need to clean up your camp awhile. Oh yeah, what's for supper? You cooking?

The thing I predicted a couple of years ago has happened. I don't think Goodwill or Nifty Thrifty had a thing in the world to do with it. I think the high prices and the management had a lot to do with it. The prices that they put on the clothes was ridiculous. And the waste of things that was donated had a big part to play in it too. About a year ago there was good advice in the SpeakOut. I guess the right people just wasn't listening or reading the right things. There was good money to be made at the store. I am sorry that it wasn't run right. Sikeston needed the store. I guess you know I am talking about the Rescue Mission.

My pastor says we are supposed to do a good deed for someone every day. And my good deed for today is to let people know the number they can call if they want to quit getting telemarketer calls. 1-888-382-1222.