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SpeakOut 1/20

Saturday, January 19, 2008

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I wanted to call in to Take it to the board. I feel like in the workplace, if a bonus is given, it should be given to all of the employees. This type of statement is exactly what's wrong with our society. If this is how that person feels, then they are part of the problem regarding their statement that in the Bootheel you should be happy to just have a job.

Mr. Jensen, I totally agree with the commentary submitted by Franklin S. Edmiston of Ballwin, Mo., on Jan. 7th. This article says what so many of us feel about our government. We are so going down hill. And what do we have for presidential candidates? I don't see a qualified person in either party. They can't beyond name calling, back stabbing and butt kicking to render a platform. It's scary to think that these are the only people to vote for. We sure need a dark horse at this time.

I wanted to comment on Judge rules on minimum wage that I saw in the paper. I think minimum wage in Missouri should be more than $6.65 an hour. I work at a job that pays $6.50 an hour and she cheated me on my overtime. I don't think $6.50 an hour covers even the people that are trying to get off welfare or the people trying to do better for themselves. It's a shame that the $6.50 an hour week, $228, doesn't even pay for half the family's costs, especially if you have a larger family. Why can't the government of Missouri vote for $7.50 an hour minimum wage for the state of Missouri? I think that would be wonderful. Any comments?

This is a comment about Shake your family tree. I have five beautiful boys and I'm happy to have my five children. Later on in life my house won't be empty with my grandchildren coming and everything else. If you think are somebody else needs to have less than five children, maybe one or none, I feel sorry for you because you will have an empty house.

I'm commenting on Shake your family tree. I think it is sad, you see young girls going around having babies and this and that. I was 17 when I had my first son. I still graduated high school and everything else. I have five beautiful sons, ages 12, 7, 6, 5 and a year old. And I love them. I wouldn't change them for nothing in the world. You learn from your mistakes. Now if the parents think these young girls are out doing things they don't want them to do, the parents need to stop this. Other than that, just do what you can to help them, pray for them and see if there's something you can do to change the situation instead of downgrading someone. What is wrong with the country today when they say more than one or two children is crazy? Some people love kids. God gave you a womb to have children, not to decide how many you want but to give you children. I have five children and I find what you said to be a sarcastic comment. I agree that young girls should quit having babies, should wait until they're married and stable, but to criticize how many babies people have, that's none of your business anyway. If you don't like five or more babies, don't have five or more babies. You just want one or two, have one or two. But leave everybody else alone.