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Speakout 6/19

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why do people, and there are countless number of them in Sikeston, get dogs and then isolate them away from the family, away from the house, leaving them alone for the majority of the day or all the time? Dogs are pack animals, and when the pack shuns a member and isolates it, it's a punishment. So putting a dog in a pen way out away from the pack, which a family is, is seen by the dog as a punishment. And it's left to wonder, "What did I do wrong?" Never, never being provided with an answer. It's the people who are messed up. What a cruel and selfish thing to do. To them it's just a possession, it might as well be a ring, or a bracelet or a car. I judge people by the way they treat their animals and I don't see much I like.

Concerning the placement of the public safety officers in the housing neighborhoods, I think they should be placed by twos, partners. One officer is certainly in a vulnerable position in that situation. I think they should be partnered in anything they do.

You are who worried about crime in the city, should be worried about having ditches of stagnant water, especially running through populated neighborhoods on the east end of town. If any mosquito born diseases get started, it could be bad for this community and this area. I can't believe you can look at these ditches, do nothing and put up with this.

Well, the two-faced government has showed itself again with this man from Atlanta who has tuberculosis. They have required him to go into a hospital under quarantine. But yet a homosexual with HIV, they let them roam the streets. I don't know which is worse.

I'm calling to say thank you to the Little Theatre for An Evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Classics. Thank you to everyone who had a part of putting it on. It was a delightful evening!

In answer to "It's not a bank card" in tonight's paper. I'm afraid the person is wrong. I use my bank card for everything. It is a Regions Bank debit card, it is not a state of Missouri welfare card. I buy groceries, I buy gas, I pay for 90 percent of my things with it so I don't have to carry the cash. The lady or the gentleman is wrong. I do use my bank card for everything. Anytime they want to check me, they can check me at Wal-Mart or Ramey's Supermarket.

To the city of East Prairie, you have people who are putting yard sale signs on telephone poles. You need to make them get them down. You don't let anyone else do that.

What was wrong with my comment about the host who had the underage drinking party? All I said was they thought the rules applied to everyone but them, and evidently didn't care if their kids were headed for alcoholism. It must have hit a sore spot with someone on the news staff. Just like the time I commented about the skimpy bikini that appeared on the girl toward the front of the paper. I thought that we were able to express our thoughts and that was the purpose of SpeakOut. Evidently not.