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Speakout 9/26

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What is the penalty for underage drinking in a home? What is the procedure to find out if there are any penalties?

Missouri statute SECTION 311.325 provides that any person under the age of 21, who purchases or attempts to purchase, or has in his or her possession, any intoxicating liquor is guilty of a misdemeanor. In addition to the current provisions, this act provides that a minor is guilty of a misdemeanor for a "minor in possession" if he or she is found to be visibly intoxicated or has a blood alcohol content of more than .02. Under this act, a minor can receive a "minor in possession" for purchasing, attempting to purchase, or possessing a controlled substance not otherwise authorized. Also, a minor can receive a MIP for being in a visibly intoxicated condition as a result of using a controlled substance.

Would the economy of the state of Nevada collapse if a similar ordinance were passed in Las Vegas? We're just not just speaking of the tobacco farmers here.

I'm a taxpaying citizen of Miner and I have a concern. I was driving by Burger King today and there was this homeless man who had been there for about four hours, not doing any harm, asking for anything. He had given a pint of blood. And there was this lady Miner cop was very rude to him. I don't think anyone should be rude to homeless people. If they're not doing us any harm why should we do them any harm? It's not their fault. I don't think the police officers of Miner, Sikeston or anywhere around here should not have the right to be rude to us. I have respect for the homeless. They don't have a choice basically. And I also don't think just because you are a police officer you don't have the right to get in someone's face and yell at them. If you are loitering and not doing any harm, why should you be taken to jail?

This is in response to that article that said all those big shots changed the tracks. I live down here in Matthews and I just want to say that we thought all those trains were going to come through here because it could have done a lot for Matthews. We already figured we were gonna get a new shopping mall and all that stuff. I'm just kind of disappointed that all those people on the north end of town by those railroad tracks were able to mess up our shopping mall.

In responding to the East Prairie Golf Trail rider, may I first address two issues. First of all, ATVs and golf carts are both governed separately by the statutes of the state of Missouri. However, the request to the County Commission only follows seven other Missouri counties who have also approved such requests for many years. Regarding seatbelts and kids, I can't see what the two have to do with each other. However, all those seatbelts and child restraints are the law. It does come down to a personal choice. If you can afford, as many of us can to pay the fine for such actions and feel they are unsafe for your children as do many, and you're caught, you just have to pay the fine which I have absolutely no problem with. Last, golf carts on any municipal street are legal by the statutes of the state of Missouri. If you don't like the situation with the golf carts or the ATVs, I suggest you write your state senator. God bless and have a great day.