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Helpful hints

Thursday, August 16, 2007

> The students, who are older than you were freshmen once. Try to remember that. > Everything counts -- chosen courses, extracurricular activities, service activities and, of course, grades.

> Make new friends -- your best friend might just be the one standing next to you in line.

> When in the halls, stay to the right.

> Be on time!

> Cell phones -- turn them off and tuck them away.

> Know where you are going.

> Use a planner to help keep your busy life organized.

> Take great notes and look over them the day you write them.

> Don't over schedule yourself -- be selective.

> Need help? Just ask!

> Talk to your student; be involved with their life in and out of school.

> All high school students have homework; check-in with their progress.

> Teach your high schooler to divide large homework projects in to smaller, more manageable pieces.

> Talk to your student's teacher if you are concerned about their homework.

> Encourage your freshman to get involved in activities offered at the high school.

> Get your student to set academic goals.

> Be supportive of new friendships. Check in with your freshman. This is a big life transition for them. They may just need someone to listen.

Source: Sikeston High School counselors