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Speakout 8/15

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Concerning Mr. Jensen's column of 8/7/07, there may be a difference between a union employing others to walk the picket line to achieve the union's goals and political powers employing middle and lower class soldiers to achieve theirs, but I fail to grasp it. To quote the final line of the column, "And in the back of my mind I'll wonder if they are convinced their cause is just or if they're just waiting for the end of the day and the cash that will go into their hands."

Mike Jensen, you are right on. I applaud and support you on the Chinese imports. I also hope that Rep. Emerson and Senator Bond are listening. I don't have any hope that Senator Claire would do anything. Her friends in Washington want us to buy Chinese cars and trucks because of the gas mileage. My opinion is that China is a worse enemy to the USA than any Middle East country. We are looking at only what has been reported. My opinion is we know a little about a big problem.

This is in regards to The porch overfloweth, talking about what a great job the city of Sikeston is doing cleaning up the city. I have to disagree. I live on the west end before you get to the railroad tracks. And the city has all these properties over here that they are not mowing. I've got grass, weeds, anything else you can think of in these yards around me that is 6 foot tall. It's not been mowed all year. The last time it was mowed was last summer. The city needs to step up and take care of the west end, not just the north end or the east end. We have a lot of people over here that like to keep their yards kept up and looking good. So far the city is failing in my eyes.

I'm a citizen of Lilbourn, Mo. and we enjoy a free Wednesday's paper every week. The problem is the same information I see in the Wednesday paper is the same information I see in Sunday's paper. When I look at the Wednesday paper that Sikeston residents receive, they have different information. I was just wondering why we get leftover news when the service is given free by the Standard-Democrat. I know the saying that beggars can't be choosey, but we're not begging. We're just asking why our newspaper is always two days behind the regular news. I truly enjoy the Standard-Democrat newspaper, except for Mike Jensen's ad.

I saw where George Bush called and congratulated Barry Bonds on his home run record. Well, him and Barry Bonds have something in common. They both use illegal drugs.

I was wondering what kind of judge we have. I noticed in Tuesday's paper that everyone that was in there on drug charges was let off on probation. That's not setting a very good example.