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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 9/4

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I think Bush is really nice. I think he's a good Christian person. I think it's a shame how they've talked about him and how he acts and all this and that. I think he's a good Christian boy. And I think he's tried about the war and everything. He's not the only one. You know, all the other wars were started under Democrats. Why would he stand by and not do something after 9/11 and all them sailor boys down there? I think he had to do something. And I think he's tried. I wish people would stop putting him down.

How ironic and audacious it is that George W. Bush would compare Vietnam to Iraq. Is he suggesting that we should have stayed longer in Vietnam and that 58,000 American deaths and countless disabled were not enough? Whatever the case, his deeply flawed thinking invites the question, why didn't you step up and go?

This is in response to the individual that expressed their outrage at having witnessed a homosexual kiss on a KFVS soap opera. First of all, the soap opera is a story, not reality. Second, I'm quite concerned that this individual was only upset by the homosexual incident. I guess the fact that these soap opera characters switch spouses more than they change their socks wasn't shocking enough. Nor the fact that infidelity is a daily occurrence on any number of soap operas. Only the outrage expressed by this person was a direct hit on homosexuality. Sounds to me like this person's problem is not with KFVS-12 or the soap opera they watch as much as it is with their own inability to cope with the world that is becoming more accepting with homosexuality. My advice to this person would be to grow with the times and accept the way of life that is not going to disappear. If that's not an option, may I suggest living life like they were in the 1800s before the television. Sounds like their way of thinking is already there.

Later in my life, like my father before me, I turned away from hunting, not wanting to kill things anymore. Sometimes in my sour moments I almost suspect that grown men who find sport in killing and have their pictures taken with dead deer or elk, are cases of arrested adolescence.