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SpeakOut 2/21

Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Mike, this is my response to Spirit of Christmas. I am proud of our police department and our fine fire department. I'd just like to say keep up the good work - arrest all the low-lives in Sikeston. We have the best mayor and city manager around this area. I like to see reports in the paper when they make arrests or drug busts or catch people who have beer parties for the underaged. I'd just like to say keep it up to the officers that are making a difference in Sikeston.

This is the 42-year-old man again. I apologize if there was any misunderstanding. My complaint was never about child support or the amount. I draw, but for 26 years straight, I donated for medical care. And when I need it and can't work, I have to pay for it again. Look at your pay stub if you work and you will see how much you donate per pay period. Again, definitely no complaint about child support or amount. I worked hard all my life and wish I could again. Then I wouldn't complain about donating.

If you really, really want change and want to get some of these Republicans out so the Democrats can get something done, then vote straight Democrat. Get all these senators out that are Republicans, then Democrats might get something done.

It's me again, Mike. I read your article about the LCRA making a difference. Being raised on a farm, I know that you can't get rid of the rats by covering up the rat holes. You have to get rid of the rats first or they'll just dig another hole and find somewhere else to take over. Get rid of the rats and you'll be alright.

I was just listening to President Bush on TV. In one way it's hard to believe and one way it's not. He has got the gall to blame Clinton for the recession - said he inherited it. After seven years, if he couldn't do something about it, I don't see how he can still claim to be such a perfect president.

This is to Mike Jensen. I read your articles all the time. But I think what's wrong with you is basically you go to church and claim to be a Christian. What you're saying, you don't care if there are Republicans and how low they are, just as long as they are Republicans. They take away from the poor and give to the rich. You don't care, that's all you want to vote for. You're supposed to give to the poor, not to the rich. That's what Christians are all about. Research it and you'll find out, because I'm not voting for any Republican. I don't want to be in any of their shoes when the die. They are not Christians, they're hypocrites.

Please reread that column. I most certainly did not say what you thought you read.

Notice the demographics each of the two major parties played to as reported by the media. Democratic party - gender, race, age and economic status. Republican party - conservatives, religious right, evangelicals, moderates, national security, social issues. Democratic party - voter status; Republican party - voter philosophies. I don't care what color, race, gender or age the political candidate is. But it matters to me what the candidate believes. I'll vote right for the candidate that stands right on the issues. Abortion is murder, homosexuality is wrong. The government is bad and the Bill of Rights needs to be interpreted right.

I wanted to say thank you to a Sikeston Post Office employee. On Feb. 6, I was mailing letters and accidentally dropped something in the mailbox. I went in to tell them about it, hoping they would get it and keep it for me. He went above and beyond his job, went to the box where I'd mailed everything and got it for me. His name is Ed Sherrod.

This is to the caller who was complaining about Josh Mills' coverage of the Portageville/Sikeston game. There was a story on both the boys and girls with photos. What do you want? A whole page devoted to the girls game and a whole page devoted to the boys game? If you want to complain, find something to complain about and don't create things.

I'm calling about this here trash pick-up in Sikeston that people are complaining about. You know, our state is covered with that all over, I've been all over our state. I would like to know why our representatives in Jefferson City do not pass a law, that everything like plastic bottles, put a deposit on them like cans. Milk cartons the same way. The other day I saw a milk carton blow across the road right in front of me. If they had a 50 cent deposit on that milk carton it would have never been out there. Michigan has it and they don't have milk cartons on their highways. And another thing, I would like for the printer that prints this paper to put it in there the next few days what they did to that there boy that killed that highway patrolman that y'all have on the front page. I would like to know what happened to that man, if he went to prison or what happened to him. I know what should have happened to him in my opinion, but I don't know what happened to him. I'd like to know.

I would like to know why would they post outside of a courtroom the person that is charged and what they are charged for? I think it is slander and it should be illegal to do something like that to an individual. I don't know who made this rule up, but I think they need to get rid of it. It's totally ridiculous.