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SpeakOut 2/20

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Call 471-6636

How do you find out about those houses they've got on sale on TV, the number and where to call at?

If what you're referring to is a commercial on TV, you can bet they will give a number and/or a person to contact.

To No child tax, it is absurd thinking you are being punished because you have no children and yet you must also pay a school tax. Taxes are a way of life and we are taxed on and for everything. So just deal with it! Did you go to school? Someone paid taxes to help fund your education and they didn't complain about it. Besides, these children will be running things soon. Do you want them doing so with a less than mediocre education? And yes, before you retaliate, I have children. I pay taxes. I paid taxes before I had children and I will continue to pay them after they've competed their education.

All I have read lately is how happy you are that Gov. Blunt is not running for re-election. Whining about how he took or reduced your benefits. Look around you. How do you expect our country to continue supporting so many non-working citizens and illegals. Emergency rooms are overran by non-

paying illegals who cannot be turned away. Medicaid drawing recipients abuse the emergency rooms and ambulances with not one thought of the cost and who pays. You know it could be one of your family members that dies waiting for ambulance because you are using an ambulance for a stomach ache. Now all I hear is I want a dentist free. So do I, but have never even thought to ask. Well let me tell you. I have worked all my life and most of the time two or three jobs. My dental is not paid for and neither was my children's. I made sure my children had dental care by paying it out and working more. I did without and still do without. Many times I have had abcesses and taken antibiotics and Motrin for pain. I need so much dental work, I know there is no way it is accessible. I can't tell you the last time I smiled. I have had the same eye glasses for 11 years. So you tell me why you that do not work deserve all this free when I work my butt off and get nothing? Even my taxes go to give many of you refunds hundreds of dollars above what you paid in. You all get the breaks yet you whine and beg for more. Governor Blunt, I am sorry to see you go. I appreciate how you have tried to ease the burden on us hard working tax payers. I just hope the next governor has the guts to help out middle class. Remember when you vote it's the Democrats that made this dependent begging class of society.

This is in response to the wrestling comment. Obviously, you haven't been out that much. The eighth grade program was an excellent program this year. The Sikeston Wrestling Program will not suffer any longer.

How lovely it was to read on Feb. 8 an answer to "Preaching on teaching" from the Jan. 21 SpeakOut. I am now retired, but as a teacher in the Sikeston Public School System for 26 years, I can honestly say I have never known such a group of dedicated public servants as the teachers with whom I had the privilege of working. The writer of "Because they care" has a beautiful command of the English language and he gives the credit for that to the teachers that educated him. He is right - teachers do love to teach. And we are particularly gratified to hear from someone who has so obviously benefited from our endeavors.

America, we have a dilemma with the presidential candidates. So many people will not vote for a woman, a black, a war activist or a preacher. Houston, we have a problem. Help.