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Your View: Abortion is wrong

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dear Editor:

One day a little 12-year-old girl returned home from school to find that her mother had passed away. She found out that her mother, my grandmother, had performed an abortion on herself. I learned that one was one of several she did on herself. I have forgiven her.

However, she deprived my mother and her siblings of a mother when they were in their teens and preteens. She also denied me the privilege of getting to know her. She also killed an aunt or an uncle, which I never grew to love.

I am one of nine children. Three of us were sight impaired, one hearing impaired and the rest were pretty normal. My mother, even though she had several children with impairments, did not get an abortion. I had the opportunity to tell her that I honored her for that because even though some of us were impaired, she gave us life and the opportunity to choose life eternal with Jesus Christ.

Please ladies, do not have abortions. You don't know but what the child you are carrying might be the next Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, St. Francis of Assai or even a godly president for our country.

There are plenty of agencies out there to help you if you can't keep the baby, and if you want to keep your baby, they will help you with that as well.

Yes, that little cell will develop into a real human being. The Bible says that we are all created in God's image. We cannot be murdering the image of God in human beings. The Ten Commandments say, "You Not kill."

If you have an abortion you are killing an actual baby no matter whether you are the beginning or at any stage of your pregnancy. Please spare that little precious life. You will be glad you did and you will not have the awful guilt of aborting your baby.

You can be forgiven by God if you have already had an abortion. There is nothing so freeing as to not have the guilt the rest of your life. Go to your priest or the Lord and ask for forgiveness of this awful thing.

May God bless you for deciding on the right decision to give birth to the child or asking God to free you of the guilt of abortion.

Mickie Jean Ormsby, Sikeston, Mo.