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Speakout 7/12

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yes, this is a resident of Sikeston, Mo., and I was calling to speak out about the road issue. I see that they are redoing Main and Malone, and that's fine and dandy. But what about the side streets? In the 200 block of Moore, as soon as you turn onto Moore, this is horrible. I just feel someone is going to do damage to their car and this is a road that a lot of people do travel on. In reality, this is a busy street. I don't want to drive down it and get my car torn up. So whoever this concerns, please fix Moore Street and whatever else streets need work done on them, not just the main streets. We are paying our taxes to get roads fixed, so why not fix all the roads not just the main highways. There are other roads that are traveled on besides the main ones.

I'd like to speak out about people I know that gets food stamps. They take their food stamps and sells them for whiskey, they go buy crank or crack, or whatever they call it. They go buy drugs with their food stamps. They take and sell them to people for money. I have even called, I won't leave my name or nothing, I've even called the welfare office, the food stamp office, what was going on and their names. And do you know, the welfare doesn't do anything about this. I've called them and told them what they were doing and even give them their names. And they don't do anything. I just don't understand how people can get by with stuff like this. This is beyond me. They are literally taking the tax payers money and buying drugs and alcohol with these food stamps. That's all I've got to say. It's a disgrace. You take a mentally retarded person or an elderly person, and we can't get nothing. I've turned them in and it hasn't done any good.

You know it is funny that the cops will have a drug bust and get 15 or so street dealers, and say this is the result of an investigation over the last two years. Why does it take so long? Look at all the deals that are made over two years. Also they only arrest the street dealers, never an upper level dealer. If they do accidentally get an upper level dealer, it will disappear from the court records and never be prosecuted. Keep an eye on the drug arrests. Only the street dealers!

I agree with the July 5 speakout about Johnson grass. We pay county Johnson grass tax in Mississippi County and they never spray unless you call and complain and tell them where to spray. They spray the spot and nothing else. The county uses this Johnson grass tax to pay for other bills that have nothing to do with Johnson grass. I think it's time to repeal the tax unless they start using it for its intended purpose.