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SpeakOut 12/9

Saturday, December 8, 2007

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Two little girls from the Matthews Elementary School here in Matthews came around selling from catalogues. I purchased from each, $18 and $19. You filled out the order and I made my check out to the school. You receive know receipt and I didn't know the children. I haven't received anything. Second time around, because two years ago I gave a girl cash with my order, never seen her again. Now the Girl Scouts came by with the same type of order. They always deliver, buy from them.

After watching KFVS and seeing them interview the girl that was shot at the shooting at Heath High School in Kentucky 10 years ago, my heart goes out to her and the families of the ones that died. On the other hand, my heart also goes out to the one serving the prison term for this incident. From what I understand, this boy had been bullied at school. He's not the only one that was bullied at school. There are a lot of children that are. When something like this happens, someone like him will be punished for the rest of his life. To me the teachers and parents of ones that bully the kids ought to be aware of the fact and have them avoiding these kids before something like this happens. I feel like they are as much at fault as the children who are doing the time. If these parents and teachers would do something, I don't feel like things like this would happen. A lot of these students are from low-class families and the ones that are doing the bullying are from high-class homes. You can pretty well figure out this is why it happens. These kids from homes that have everything think they are all it which leads to trouble.

This is a gross generalization. Bullies come from all segments of society. Stop your class envy.

Pretty good town

This is in response to the SpeakOut regarding East Prairie and the many, many storage units. East Prairie has many attributes that are positive other than storage units. Also we have places to eat. Double B is a very good place to eat, they have home-cooked phone, a good atmosphere, enough room for dining as well. We also have two grocery stores. For a town that size, two grocery stores is more than enough. I do agree we do need more clothing stores, maybe a shoe store. We also have Fred's and Dollar General. Maybe if people would pay attention and look around they would notice that East Prairie is a pretty good town.

Okay, now that freezing weather is here, you have to be told again. Dogs that are outside have to have a house that faces south or has a covering over the entryway, or they will freeze to death because they can't get out of the wind. Furthermore, they have to have plenty of bedding, hay, straw. One of the cheapest beddings are these fallen pine needles that are all over town. That's free and flea repellant. They have to have extra water, or at least water that's not frozen and checked everyday. They have to have extra food or they will use up all their energy to keep warm and freeze to death. So, will this do it for the year? It shouldn't have to be repeated to anyone with common sense, but it's clear some people here have none.