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Burn those pounds: just move around

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We are by any definition an obese nation. Just look around and you'll find ample evidence to support the claims. And some of the fastest growing industries - naturally - are those which promise to take off those pounds and restore that youthful figure, assuming you had a youthful figure in your youth.

But a new study out of the University of Missouri adds a new wrinkle to the issue. The key to losing those added pounds may not be to hit the gym or take the latest supplement. It's as simple as getting up off the couch. That's right - no exercise, no push-ups or sit-ups - just get up and move around.

It seems that when we sit, enzymes that are responsible for burning fat just shut down. When you sit for prolonged period of time, the body thinks your immobility needs those added pounds to store energy. So not one ounce of fat is burned.

The suggestion is to "putter." Simply stand-up and walk around or pick up some clutter. Do anything other than remain seated for those prolonged periods. While watching Oprah or Dr. Phil, get up during the commercials and do something, anything. That simple act will help burn more fat than extended periods in the gym.

I'll be honest. I drive people crazy from time to time because I have always been a "commercial putterer." When a commercial comes on television, I often find myself up and doing something simple and brief. Little did I know that I was a pioneer in the research of burning fat!

More people today than ever spend hour upon hour in front of a computer. The researchers say you need to get up from time to time and do nothing more than "putter" around. Same applies to those nighttime hours of watching television. Those simple acts of movement apparently counter the couch-potato effect.

So there you have my simple advice for those added holiday pounds. When the football game takes a time-out, you need to take one as well. Get up off the couch or the recliner, walk around for a moment and return to your sacred seat of honor. And then be proud of yourself having just completed your holiday workout.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen