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SpeakOut 12/17

Monday, December 17, 2007

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Michael, I agree with you about Oral Roberts' son. What about Joyce Meyers? She and her husband's ministry take in $95 million a year. They have a $10 million corporate jet. Her husband drives a Mercedes. They have a $2 million home and her four children each live in a $2 million home. All for strutting and acting on stage. Also her children's spouses draw a paycheck. So all of you that want to send her your hard-earned money, go ahead.

This is in regards to the SpeakOut that was in the paper Dec. 4, entitled When does it stop. The caller was talking about a person who robbed a homeowner at gunpoint, released on bond, went back and threatened the victim and made bond again. No police department or sheriff's department has any control of whether or not they can post bond or what the amount of bond is. The caller stated that "evidently he's working for the police or they wouldn't be turning him loose on such a small bond like that." The elected judge makes that decision. They stated that this person shouldn't be turned loose time and time again. I agree, but please don't blame the police for the judge's decision to turn someone loose. The way to stop the situation is to vote the judges out the next election. The judges need to remember they work for us, not the criminals.

The Ronald McDonald House collects the tabs off of aluminum cans to help cut down on the cost of families of children in Children's Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis. I know because we saved them when my great-niece was a patient there.

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I can't believe how things have really changed over the years since then, the way we are welcoming all these foreigners into our country, after the Japanese bombed the heck out of us at Pearl Harbor. And now they are putting up companies over here and we're allowing them to take over. I really feel sorry about all those soldiers that got injured or killed at Pearl Harbor. I guess our President doesn't care. He is sending jobs over there to them after they bombed us. I guess people will never learn.

Just want to say how much we enjoy David Jenkins' column. It's always hilarious and a topic we can relate to. One of our favorites is the one about non-English speaking reps trying to help on the phone. This has been a complaint of ours for several years now. It is so hard to understand what they are saying when all their "B's," "T's," "P's" and "D's" are pronounced the same. Just try and figure out what they are saying when they use the word, "to". I mean, they count, "one", "do", on and on. Bet they don't get very far in Texas. Our worst complaint is the rudeness some of these people display. Guess customer satisfaction is not in their culture. "The customer is always right" was flushed a looooong time ago.