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My vote is for none of the candidates

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am somewhat ashamed to admit I did not vote in today's Missouri presidential primary election. Under virtually any other circumstance, I would have been among the first in line. But for a variety of reasons, this year is different.

I know, I know...even those of us disenchanted should always take this privilege of selecting the person we want to hold the highest office in the land. And as a committed voter in just about any and all elections, I don't take this privilege lightly by any stretch of the imagination. And let me quickly say that come November, I will proudly (hopefully) cast a ballot regardless of the names from which I can choose. But that's November.

So according to the talking heads and the national polls, I am not the only conservative taking a pass today. Apparently - if the numbers are to be believed - there are hundreds of thousands of us who are quietly voicing our displeasure over the available choices. And we're also wondering why there are no better leaders capable or willing to seek the highest office in the land.

With Missouri's 58 delegates, we're no California or New York. Thank goodness! But what that means is that Missouri gets only passing interest because numbers don't lie and the numbers go where the population goes. But fortunately, we have a little clout remaining and most of the national candidates have made a pass or two through our state.

I have never in my political "life" heard so many people freely admit they will not vote this year. Most are conservative Republicans which says much about the state of the GOP field. I can't bring myself yet to the point where I will not cast a ballot come November. But I freely admit, I'm not too far removed from that attitude.

Will anything matter once the votes are counted tonight? I seriously doubt it. I will have made my choice despite the foolish nature of my boycott. It is wrong, it is misguided and it's unpatriotic to avoid an election simply because you reject all of the choices.

But that is exactly what I did today. I won't say I'm proud but I won't hide from it either.

So there!

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen