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SpeakOut 3/14

Friday, March 14, 2008

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We get sick and tired of KFVS televising the accidents that happen with the ice and snow. Why in the world don't they advertise the closing of businesses and plants as well as schools? They must not realize that taxpayers are the ones that are keeping these schools open. And here they are risking their lives to get there while teachers sit at home and take life easy and complain about they don't make no money.

KFVS has a "ticker" that runs along the bottom of the screen that tells of business and school closings.

These telephone numbers that people are getting that you are not even aware of, you get these letters and they know your number and everything else - well, let me tell you something. The telephone companies are bad. They've got your telephone number plastered all over that bill. No wonder people can find out your telephone number and know it, and you're always getting in trouble and getting nasty calls and everything. I think they need to put the telephone numbers in one place, on the inside, and forget about that stamping the numbers all over the place. Maybe they'll see this in the paper and quit some of it.

I went to a basketball game the other night and couldn't help but observe the difference in how the uniforms have changed. When I was in school, the boys had on short, tight trunks and the cheerleaders wore skirts halfway down to their knees. Now the the boys' pants are big and loose. I wondered how they could run because the crotch was practically down to their knees. And the cheerleaders, well, let's just say nothing was left to the imagination. If the skirts would have been any tighter or shorter, you could have used them for a belt. No wonder they yelled so loud - if I had to wear something that tight I would be screaming too!

Does KFVS-TV reporters really have to say, "Live, local and late breaking" every single time they report something?

My comment is for the city that is paying for the sidewalks. Do they have a committee that is doing this and did they have to raise money? For the skatepark, we had to raise money and still haven't got any help or money from the city, other than the ground. The kids have worked so hard for the skatepark and have been out raising money and seeking donations. How can they donate all that money for a walking park when we have so many kids out there on skateboards that do not have their skatepark finished yet.

- - -

I'm reading the March 4 paper and I see where the Council has approved a $400,000 walkway from Kindergarten to the Sports Complex. This may be all well and fine, but I've lived here all my life, and I would like to see them spend $400,000 on having East Gladys not flood, Tanner Street not flood, the north end of Ranney has water. I'm sure other streets do it too. They take care of this problem, they can have all the walkways they want. I'd like to know when it is time to elect the City Council again. Maybe it's time to change.

- - -

I would like to know why in the world in Sikeston would okay $400,000 for a walking trail when the driving trails (a.k.a. streets) are in such deplorable condition. The money would be better spent of improving the street conditions within the city limits. I'm sure I'm not the only one who drives in town and would like to see this happen before a walking trail.

Everyone is getting bent out of shape over the whole presidential election. It seems to me we have three choices. It's between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. They are all policy wise pretty much the same. There's really not any choice there. As far as I'm concerned, let's just get ready for baseball season and go Cardinals..

To the person who made the comment about Obama and referred to him as Osama. Come out from behind the white sheets. You are a reason why we all know the klan still lives.

As a retired military and senior citizen, I congratulate Toni Dee on the excellent article pertaining to prescriptions for Medicare and Tri-Care. I would encourage all, and I mean all veterans and senior citizens, to copy this article and send it their representatives, both the Senate and the House of Representatives.