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Speakout 10/28

Friday, October 28, 2005

I took an elderly lady in a wheelchair shopping at the Outlet Mall and out of all the stores, there was only one store employee that helped us with the door. Employees were all standing at the door and telling us to have a good day and to come back, but couldn't they see that we could have used some help? What has happened to America today offering to help someone who needs some help?

Hello, I am a parent of a high school football player, and I am wondering what the policy is for ambulance coverage during the football games. I notice that some times the schools have an ambulance there and sometimes they do not. Who decides when one is there and when one is not? Concerned parents want to know.

The Scott County Ambulance Service volunteers their services, at our request, for varsity football home games," said Brent Keefer, activities director for the Sikeston school district. "This has been the practice for many years. Because of the age, power, and intensity of the players at this level it is common practice that we ask that the ambulance service be there just in case of an emergency. However, they may be called to duty because of their limited resources at any time. We do however have a team physician and athletic trainers on site as well. They too have busy schedules and are susceptible to work oriented obligations."

I was just wondering if anyone knew when Sikeston and Morley are having their trick or treat night. Halloween is on a school night, so I didn't know if they are going to do it over the weekend or when. Could someone please tell me?

We contacted the City Hall in both Morley and Sikeston. Both towns will celebrate Halloween on Monday night.

I'm calling to thank a nice young gentleman on the police force at Bell City. My sister and I were up there Wednesday afternoon and we thought we were lost so we went to the police station and this nice policeman took us to the place where we wanted to go. I just want to thank that nice gentleman. That was sure nice of him and we sure do appreciate it, and we just want to thank and thank him for being so nice. I don't know if they get the Standard-

Democrat up at Bell City, but I hope and pray that he does so he can read this in the paper.

I just like to say that Sikeston has sure got a nice, clean health center. The one that's out by the hospital. They were so nice there, the nurses were really nice there when we went and got our flu shots. I think it's so nice that they got this real nice facility.

It is my opinion and more in this neighborhood, that there should be a stop light at the end of Virginia going across Main. That wreck we had today, the boy really got hurt and the girls got hurt because they couldn't see and they pulled right out in front of this girl. Please see about getting a stoplight at the end of Virginia and Main.