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Dos and don'ts of rodeo

Monday, August 6, 2007

Rodeo week is one of my favorite times to live in Sikeston. There are a ton of people in town and, for once, there's actually something to do.

So in light of the week's events, I have compiled a list of dos and don'ts for the Rodeo regulars and newbies alike.

Do - Watch the Rodeo. I will be the first to admit socializing is one of my favorite parts of going. I used to only sit down for the entertainment and to eat -- seeing people had priority over the rodeo itself. However, after working in the concession stands last year as a Senior Trip fundraiser, I think I have a whole new appreciation for the rodeo. This time around you will definitely find me in my seat...well, at least some of the time.

Don't - Wear shorts. Aside from the fact it's a fashion faux pas for Wednesday through Saturday night, you will no doubt leave with filthy, mosquito-bitten legs. Jeans, as hot and humid as it will be, are definitely the way to go.

Do - Cowboy up for the week. I always love to see people that I least expect wearing cowboy hats and boots. You may not be gung-ho enough about it to wear Wranglers, but to those of you who dress for the occasion, I applaud you. Don't - Eat before you come. Barbecue sandwiches, corn dogs, nachos -- the food is consistently good and that pre-Cotton Carnival funnel cake always hits the spot. This is one time I will happily skip El Bracero.

Do - GO! I'm always baffled by the number of Sikestonians who have never been to the Rodeo. Even if you aren't a much of a country music fan, the rodeo is a show in itself. It's a Sikeston tradition that you should experience for yourself at least once.

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