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Speakout 3/28

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This is to anybody who agrees with the noise ordinance law. I think it is ridiculous that we are denied our right of freedom of expression. I consider the rights of people in residential areas. I too value peace and quiet and sleep as well. I also value my music. But why do we pay taxes for cops to ride in cars giving tickets when the guilty are walking free doing far worse than playing loud music? The cops are far more worried about pulling people over for loud music when there are streets that need to be repaired, schools that need fixing up and houses that need to be fixed up as well. With all these empty buildings here in Sikeston that they are turning in to car lots or banks, they could create a club, a skating rink, a pool hall or any other club that the youth could enjoy having fun in. What is Sikeston becoming, a retirement home? If anyone has a comment, please speak out to BMB.

People have always got to run somebody down, just like Mr. Jensen says in the paper. I'm for Michael Jensen and I don't even know him. I enjoy your pieces you put in there and you just keep right on doing it. Just like you said today, these people need to live through all these wars that I have lived through. I'm 78 years old and I've been through all of them and I know Bush is doing the best he can do. He needs help instead of somebody running him down and kicking him in the back. He needs to be prayed for. These people putting stuff in SpeakOut running him down, they need to get their butts in church and live for the Lord and do what the Lord wants them to do and quit running Bush down and the ones who have so much on their shoulders. They don't have anybody in Iraq so what are they growling and griping about? They need to get their minds on God, because He is coming back pretty soon and they need to be ready to meet Him when He comes. These people growling and kicking are going to pay for it one of these days. These stupid people, they ain't got no sense. Mr. Jensen, I hold you up to the Highest. I have never met you but I believe you are a fine person.

I'd like to speak out and I hope you print this on the Morehouse community. I was driving over by Poplar street and it is awful. There is papers, and sticks and cans and it's just junked up. There's nothing but junk and rubble and cans and paper up and down the streets over here. I don't understand why the mayor or somebody over here don't get on the ball over here and give somebody some fines. They do in Sikeston. Why don't they here? Why don't they make them clean it up?

I found a puppy in the Wakefield area. To identify call 475-5071.