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Buttrum takes first in Super Pro at Sikeston Drag Strip

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mark Butrum, Super Pro winner, is congratulated by Ray Poirer.
SIKESTON -- Here are the results from Saturday's Sikeston Drag Strip action.

Junior Dragster Class

1st Place - Lil Grassman Sikeston, MO DI - 9.28 ET - 9.362 MPH - 64.65 RT - .541

2nd Place - Lil Possum Sikeston, MO DI - 11.83 ET - 12.010 MPH - 49.38 RT - .637

The Junior Dragster count was slim following a big showing for the Sunday race a week ago. However, both second-generation drivers that were at the track on Saturday were rearin to go.

Lil Grassman and Lil Possum have faced off against each other many times this season, at one point both winning in consecutive weeks. With that in mind, this was surely going to be a great final. Lil Possum took off first with close to three seconds of spot going his way.

When Lil Grassman's lights came down, he was able to better Lil Possum's reaction time and he quickly caught up with Lil Possum. At the far end, Lil Grassman was able to go through the lights and take the victory. Congratulations to the Lil Grassman on his Junior Dragster Class victory.

Trophy Class

1st Place - Steve McCormick Barlow, KY DI - 9.87 ET - 10.739 MPH - 66.55 RT - .575

2nd Place - Shaun Howell Metropolis, IL DI - 8.58 ET - 15.749 MPH - 34.79 RT - .381

The final race in the Trophy Class featured two new drivers to the class final this year, Steve McCormick and Shaun Howell. Both drivers were able to knock out the class regulars Kyle Allardin and Mike Brown en route to their appearance in the final.

Steve got the spot by just over a second and was able to cut a solid light. However, when Shaun's side of the tree came down, he went deep red, giving the victory to Steve. Both drivers saw the win light at the far end come on, so they coasted down and saved the cars for another day. Congratulations to Steve McCormick on his Trophy Class victory.

ET Class

1st Place - Keith Hayes Paducah, KY DI - 6.62 ET - 6.626 MPH - 102.06 RT - .519

2nd Place - Ronnie Overstreet Hard Money, KY DI - 7.96 ET - 7.993 MPH - 86.70 RT - .504

For the third consecutive week, Ronnie Overstreet raced his way into the ET Class final. The two prior weeks, Ronnie was unable to defeat Blake Jones or Justin Harper to take the win. Would the third time indeed prove to be the charm? Standing in his way was Keith Hayes, driver of a sharp Mustang. Both drivers were able to mow through the competition, cutting good lights and running close to their dial in times all night.

Ronnie had a little over a second of spot and took advantage of it, cutting a nearly perfect .504 light! Keith was unable to better Ronnie's light, but was off by only a small margin.

What a race! At the far end, it looked as if Ronnie had this one in the bag, but Keith drove around him at the last second , running only .006 of a second off his dial, to take the victory. Congratulations to Keith Hayes on his ET Class victory.

Pro Class

1st Place -Darrel Woolard Poplar Bluff, MO DI - 6.87 ET - 6.906 MPH - 92.06 RT - .522

2nd Place - Jordan McManus Symsonia, KY DI - 6.24 ET - 6.284 MPH - 110.61 RT - .524

The Pro Class final featured two drivers who have been on a tear lately. "Mr. D" Darrel Woolard, the veteran and Jordan McManus, the young teen who has graduated from the seat of a Junior Dragster, met to see who would take home the win.

Jordan has already won a $1000 race this year and Mr. D was looking for his first W on the season.

At the starting line, Darrel had a small spot and left hard with a good light. Jordan was only .002 off Darrel's light, making this one tough race towards the finish line.

At the far end it looked as if Jordan was going to drive around Darrel, however, Mr. D held him off to take the win. Congratulations to Darrel Woolard on his Pro Class victory.