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Speakout 7/6

Thursday, July 6, 2006

About two months ago I went to Wal-Mart and spent about $30 on new flowers and items to go on my Dad's grave. Well, about two weeks ago I went to visit my Dad's grave and everything was gone. To the person or persons who is stealing stuff off of our loved ones' graves, you just don't know how disrespectful and downgrading that is! How would you feel if someone did one of your loved ones grave like that? That's all we have left now is memories of our loved ones. So please, have respect for the deceased.

To the young man who was going around to these churches telling lies about having a son in the Children's Hospital in St. Louis with a massive stroke and his mother having cancer with just a few short days to live. All I got say about that is, "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. I shall repay." This young man will soon get to where nobody will help him and his family. You might get stung one time, but you'll be more wiser the next time. It wouldn't surprise me to see this young man's face and name shown on the KFVS Channel 12 news and the America's Most Wanted. That's why people who really need help can't get it because of somebody like him.

What have these federal judges have on their minds? Halting executions for unnecessary risk of unconditional pain and suffering to the person that is going to get injected? What if it was the judge's family that was killed or maimed by the person that killed them? I bet he wouldn't hesitate two seconds putting the needle to that sucker. Worrying about his pain and suffering? Nah, I wouldn't. Give him 1.0 dose of that stuff. Let's get rid of them. Judge, I don't know about you. If it were up to me, I'd vote you out. Your thoughts on babysitting these dang killers are out of line. Killers are killers. If they kill our families, they deserve no mercy on their souls. That's the trouble with our system. We are babysitting the politically correct crap.

After reading all the squabbling about the pond over there in Sikeston, I think that whoever owns the pond should put a fence around the whole thing except the people who own property up to the water that have rights to it, just leave gaps there. Another project better yet, would be to put a toll gate at the Sikeston city limits so you would have to pay a toll to get in to see all the chaos.

We want our radio station back. First they take our gospel station, then they take our station. We want it back. We don't want Cape news. We want Sikeston news.

The way some of these cab drivers drive here in Sikeston you would think they had been given emergency vehicle status. You better get out of their way or they are gonna run you over.

This is in response to "Don't Trespass" that was in SpeakOut. If you work for the fire department you should know that you can't put an electric fence in Sikeston, it's against the law. And everybody has the right to put what they want to in SpeakOut. And if you are so against the articles about North Ingram, quit reading them. It's people's rights to put what they want to in the paper. Go find out what you are talking about before you put something in about an electric fence.