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Speakout 4/23

Monday, April 23, 2007

This is regarding the issue in your April 11 SpeakOut, It's the pits. I have raised pit bulls my entire life. Not one has ever turned on me or anyone that I know. I have a 4-year-old male pit bull named Billy Bob. He can even bark I love you when he wants a treat or when I am cooking pork chops.

I think what Don Imus said about the basketball playing college girls was disgraceful. But tell me why doesn't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, if you noticed I didn't say reverend, stay out of other people's business and keep their big mouths shut? That was strictly between the girls and Imus and he owed no apology but to the girls and their coach.

Dear Mr. Jensen, I am calling in regards to your article about the flood of illegal immigrants. It's very sad to think that people still consider this nation being built on the backs of some purist Puritans that came over, when really we know it was from the Irish immigrants, Jewish immigrants, you name it. Every bit of our society is built on the cultural diversity from what those immigrants brought to our country. To look at it as a negative thing, just cuts yourself short, and to downplay the importance of the different cultures that make America what America is.

The First Baptist Church of Sikeston had some cookbooks for sale. If anyone knows how to get them, could you please put how to get in touch with them in the SpeakOut.

The cookbooks are $12 each. The church is located at 1101 North Main and is open 8-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until noon on Friday. You can contact them at 471-4122.

This is to notify Medicaid recipients that if you wish to change services you have the right to do so without fear of repercussions. To change companies, you must call your case worker and request a different provider. This is America, not Iraq, and your current provider cannot tell you you will lose your services if you change companies. It is in the class rights to change without fear of losing services. If you have any questions, call Missouri Medicaid hot line 1-800-392-2161 or the office for Civil Rights 1-866-627-7748.