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Sports: Just soap operas for men

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A short phrase that is hard for a man to say to his wife, "You're right." I'm going to own up to those words, as this past week, I actually muttered them out of my mouth. Well, it was sort of under my breath to my wife as she told me, and I quote, "Sports is just like a soap opera."

I almost lost my breath when she said it, but as I gradually let it sink into my head, it actually made a little bit of sense. Of course, you have to take into consideration that the Super Bowl had just gone on, and with all of the Spygate drama that the Patriots had whirling around the news, and me getting very intrigued, my wife brought up the soap opera comparison.

It also didn't help that the Roger Clemens steroid/HGH scandal on Capitol Hill was beginning to make it's way across the air waves on ESPN radio.

As I'm cruising in the car, she's just keeps repeating, "See, just like a soap opera." I'm of course doing what every man does, rolling my eyes, and knocking down the thought. Then, I begin to slowly realize that she's partially correct. Did you hear that correctly, I said partially correct. A man's always right, so, I can give her a little pat on the back, but not too much.

Clemens, in my personal opinion is definitely looking guilty as charged. His best bud Andy Pettitte took his oath, and unloaded information to members of congress, and said he felt better about clearing the air. He also had a press conference yesterday, stating that he didn't think he cheated, because at the time it wasn't wrong, nor did he continue the use to get ahead of the competition. He did it only to get healthier quicker.

I for one, admire a guy that can stand up and say he did wrong in front of millions of people, but I have to admit, Clemens has nearly lost my vote in this election. He looks as guilty as a guy holding a smoking gun, and his lawyers are doing him no favor. I'd like to believe him, because he was a phenomenal athlete for every team he's played on, but the evidence is starting to pile up like manure at the rodeo grounds and it seems that he's back-pedaling faster by the minute.

Also, in my personal opinion, and anti-Boston fans unite, the Patriots are looking like a pretty guilty club as well. Check the local Best Buys in the Foxborough area and see how many Sony Handycams are on the shelf. My guess is there may have been a shortage in the past few years, and New England's fingerprints may be on that evidence.

Just like in soap operas, the truth usually comes out, and it's usually ugly. The good thing about sports, is that hopefully neither Clemens nor Bill Belichick have a child with his ex-wife's, mother's grandmother's third cousin, who has just divorced his sister's ex-husband. Yeah, complicated, but so are those dang shows my wife makes me watch at lunch from time to time.

However, I must admit, that lately the sporting world has knocked out some pretty dysfunctional headlines itself, and it doesn't look like it's going to brighten up anytime soon. The government is now getting involved with Major League Baseball, while we have men and women overseas losing lives everyday for the cause of freedom. I must say, it's something I can't understand, but 'as the world turns', so do the hands of time, and maybe someday 'all my children' will get to see a clean, drug-free world of sports.

Until next time, keep your eyes peeled to the sports section in the Standard Democrat, and get out there and root on your local teams in district action.