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Speakout 7/2

Monday, July 2, 2007

While you are fussing about the farmers having their crops sprayed, don't forget about the city spraying up and down your streets in order to kill the mosquitoes. I doubt that the chemical they use is all that good for you.

I would like to speak out concerning the cellular phones. I know they are a good thing when you are on the highway and maybe have an emergency. But just to go to the grocery store, and be on a cellular phone until you nearly run over people. . . You're in the store trying to shop and people are in there in the store on their cellular phones. I would just love to see them abandoned from the Wal-

Mart store. They should have to go outside if they're going to talk on their cellular phone.

This is about the cell phone deal, about not using them while driving in the city. I think it's a great idea! I think they should even go further and ban them when you're in Wal-Mart or the movie theatre or a restaurant. I get so tired of walking by and hearing other people's conversations. People hold up lines when they are doing that. Get real, people. There's no phone call worth doing that unless it's an absolute emergency. Just to talk about someone about the weather, or this or that. Come on, it's ridiculous. Grow up and use some common sense. That's why I hate cell phones.