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Speakout 8/24

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I agree with the person about the boy being made fun of and everything and it's not funny. As a child I went to Morehouse school. My sister, my brother and I were held on the bus by this family that lived out in the country. He wouldn't let us off the bus and the bus driver just sat there and took the whole thing in and wouldn't do anything and laughed. A lot of times we would at least a mile home to keep from having to ride that bus, to keep from being mistreated. Yes, it causes people to do things when they are mistreated. And they need to do something about this. Go to your school board if you can't get nothing done by these teachers.

This is to the low-life landlords that sit up there in there big fancy houses. My air conditioner went out on me. The low-life wouldn't come out here and see about it and I'm sitting and smothering. I'd like to know who to report his butt to. I hope he's enjoying his self 'cause I sure am burning up.

Thanks guys. July 4th Barbeque at the Eagles around 2 p.m. It was so hot. The men were outside barbecuing, the ladies all brought a dish. We played a game called washers, it was almost like horseshoes. My partner was Jamie, he was really good. John and Joe were doing the barbecuing. The food was excellent. Mr. Fred brought in a huge bag of corn. It usually rains on the 4th and it did. We all gathered everything up and went on the inside. Thanks guys, B. Miller.

I'm tired of reading about all you complaining about the farmers. I'm not a farmer or a farmer's wife. I'm just tired of reading about you complaining just to have something to complain about. Get over yourselves because the rest of us done got over you a long time ago.

I'm a graduate student and I tried to get a job at a local hamburger chain. Seems like that all the people that do crimes, getting out of jail, with a criminal record are getting a job quicker than me. I've been out of school since 2005. I go to the one restaurant in Sikeston and they send me to the one in Miner. I think that something needs to be done. They just hired someone that got out of jail for stealing. I am a good worker and have never been in trouble. Why can't they give me a chance? I need a job and am willing to work and can't get my foot in the door. Instead they hire people right out of a jail cell. What's right about that?