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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Political awareness is sadly lacking

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Zogby pollsters are at it again. The national polling firm is a highly respected operation that polls Americans on everything from pop culture to politics. More often than not, they're pretty accurate.

So Zogby last week released a new poll that I believe they felt was a source of humor. I found it an extremely sad commentary on just how disengaged the American public actually is.

For example, the poll found that three times as many Americans can name two of Snow White's seven dwarfs than can name two members of the Supreme Court. Nearly twice as many Americans can identify the Three Stooges than can identify the three branches of government. And twice as many Americans can tell you who won American Idol than those who can name the most recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice.

The list goes on and on.

Now on the surface, it's humorous to think we know so much more about pop culture than we do about the truly important aspects of our lives. The Three Stooges have no impact on our future compared to the Supreme Court. And with less than two in 10 Americans able to name the three branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial - that says more than the punch line of the poll results.

Maybe, just maybe, we get what we deserve. If we are so detached from our system of government then why protest or complain or even participate? This poll is alarming and it's not too darned funny if you really think about it.

So do you blame the media for their hourly input of the lives of celebrities? No, I blame us. I think we're lazy for the most part and tragically uninformed. And then we wonder why we get political leaders who are dishonest or support laws that most of us think are shamefully wrong.

Granted, it's just a stupid poll on a slow news day. But hidden somewhere in the results is a sad glimpse of the voting public. How do you stack up against the majority?

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