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Speakout 7/27

Friday, July 27, 2007

This is in response to fixing the street on Moore. I read your comment and I do understand it is the city, not the state that is responsible for fixing the street. My thing is, I never said who was supposed to fix the road, I just said someone needs to fix the road. Whether it's a state or a city job, all I've got to say is someone needs to come fix Moore Street. Whoever's job it is, someone needs to get the job done.

We have parents who want to be part-time parents. We have mothers who would rather sleep with their boyfriends, or girlfriends, than tend to the business of what kind of people their children are going to become. We have fathers who would rather sleep with their girlfriends, or boyfriends, than tend to the business of what kind of people their children are going to become. Part-time parents, you have them this weekend, I'll have them next weekend. Let's be sure I get them for two months now, you can have them for Thanksgiving, whatever. It's a sickening arrangement and it has to be sickening for children. They're never given the experience of having both parents there. Which means most of the time these children are not taken care of. Of course it has a lot to do with what kind of parents they already are, which is children themselves. You see trouble ahead, we've had trouble for a long time. It's not going to stop and there are no easy solutions. Unnecessary factory jobs is a cover for what could be long lasting jobs, like public school jobs. Universal health care for this country would create a lot of medical, professional jobs. We need a national passenger public transportation system, which would liven up our towns, create additional jobs, auxiliary to the railroad and we need land reform. Little factories here and there is not going to solve the problem. We need small agriculture, not corporate. We need small organic farms producing food, not involved in some gimmick to funnel money to huge corporate farms. That is the only solution. If it isn't done, this country is not going to last very long.

To Sikeston Public Schools, you do a great job in keeping the properties in A-1 shape. I live on Pine Street and drive by the school daily. I noticed the new awning in front of the school. It looks great. May I suggest you do something about, it looks like greenhouse windows in front of the school, they are old and faded. It's the first thing you see when you drive on the high school property. Thank you, go Dogs!

There would be a lot more jobs if the people who are retired would retire. Stop occupying jobs that are second in addition to your retirement. If you have enough to live on when you retire, take your retirement and go home. Contribute to the community by volunteering but leave those jobs open for younger people. Like our double-dipping city officials, double-dipping hospital people, double-dipping teachers. Go home if you have an adequate retirement. Go home and stay there. You've worked, you've had your career, you've had your chance. Now give somebody else a chance. Quit! You're not going to live forever anyway. Grow up. We have 70 and 80 year olds trying to look like 18 year olds. How stupid, idiotic, childish! Get out of the way. Know when to quit.