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Speakout 8/29

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There's only one Republican that was honest and that was the Kloster guy in St. Louis, and he switched parties. Don't that tell you something?

I was just wondering, maybe someone can clear this up. A lot of people question people who donate blood. They say when people donate blood all they get is cookies and milk. People that give the blood to hospitals, administer the blood and also test the blood, they get paid. The people who donate the blood don't get paid. All they get is cookies and milk. On the other hand I found out today that the Salvation Army works just like that. All these people are donating clothes to the Salvation Army and the people that are working at these thrift stores for the Salvation Army, they are getting hourly wages. I don't think that's right. I don't think they should be paid to give out these clothes because other people donated it in the first place.

I just have a question. Why is it the federal government's responsibility to rebuild a bridge in Minnesota? Why can't they rebuild their own bridges?

In SpeakOut there was Programming is unacceptable, speaking about the soap operas. If you have a problem with people being gay or watching them on TV, then you need to turn your television off. Everybody is gay. It's just to what extent that you are willing to show it.

I love David Jenkins' column in the newspaper. Today he is so right on about the football player, Michael Vick and the dogs. I totally agree with David. I think he needs to be put in the cell with meat around his neck and let the dogs eat him up. Give him a little taste of what he gave those dogs. Good work David, keep it up!

Can anyone tell me if the most recent Noranda Union contract was approved or rejected? I have not seen anything in the newspaper and am interested in the result. This will affect many families in our area.

Noranda officials have no comment at this time.

I have seen that the East Prairie Police Department has started posting a police report every week. This report carries various crimes and incidents that have occurred in the city. I have not yet found anything about the crime they are having at the local pool hall. It seems that every Saturday morning there is a patrol car parked there for a few hours. Is there no crime there? What is the reason for the patrol car there?