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Speakout 10/25

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Monday's paper, someone was looking for homemade German potato salad. Well, I've got good news for those folks. On Oct. 29, the Concordia Lutheran Church, located between Ranney and Park on Wakefield St., is having their annual Oktober Fest dinner. You can eat some wonderful homemade German potato salad along with other goodies, including Saxony brauts that are smoked. So if you can wait until Sunday the 29th, come to Concordia Lutheran Church for your German potato salad.

Football. What makes football so special? It's not the long walk to the concession stand. It's definitely not the wait in the bathroom. It's not sitting in the cold rain and the freezing cold. It's not the long trips every Friday night for two months. Okay, you get the point. What makes football so special? I don't even know myself. My Friday morning gets me started by listening to a play that will probably never happen. Getting pumped up with my son that makes football special for me. Only some will get the natural high of this game, others will never get it and never go to a game. Those who do will know what I am talking about. My son is a senior and the Friday night lights are almost over. Congratulations to all senior football players for a job well done, especially in East Prairie.

This is to DFS. You all came and took my niece's children. All these people on drugs that are not taking care of their kids, drinking, running up and down the street on drugs, go get their kids. My niece is a good mother to her children. If she wasn't, I would be the first one to say something. She may not be as smart as you all are, or the average person, but she takes care of her babies. And it is sad that you all go in and take away someone that really loves their children away from them. Thank you, and I hope you all will be satisfied. I hope God blesses whoever lied on her because you have it coming to you. It's bad to treat someone like that.

I see where the liberal Supreme Court ruled out having to have an ID. I guess the Democrats will be taking peoples names off of tombstones and people will be voting five or six times in St. Louis like they did before. That's the way she goes.

This is the ex-offender that was offended. You know, it's not anybody's business what I did, but just to let you know, I am trustworthy. I was convicted of a misdemeanor, passing bad checks. I passed two bad checks when I was 18, just to let you know. There is a lot of bad people out there, but you know what? That was seven years ago and I'm still paying the price for it. Don't judge what is not always to be judged.

We wonder when Claire McCaskill plans to express outrage over her party allowing a former state officer of the Klu Klux Klan be the majority leader of her party in the U.S. Senate and why her party allows Ted Kennedy to have a seat o the judiciary committee after he committed that terrible rime at Chappaquiddick? She did express outrage over the Foley scandal, but like all good liberals ole Claire has selective outrage

This is to all you religious people. You can dream of going to Heaven someday, but why can't I have the chance of the stem cell and have the dream of being well someday?