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Political times have passed McGovern by

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Someone needs to tell former Senator and presidential candidate George McGovern that he is no longer relevant. McGovern hails from the left fringes of the left wing in this country and always has resided there. Perhaps that's why his defeat in a bid for the White House in 1972 was such a landslide. And things have not changed since.

McGovern is now calling for the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Of course, no legitimate news outlet would give a moment's notice to McGovern's rants except the Washington Post.

McGovern says the war in Iraq is the prime reason for the impeachment movement but he throws in the Katrina aid for good measure. He conveniently fails to mention the overwhelming support from Congress to take actions in Iraq and he conveniently fails to calculate the unbelievably massive financial support given to the Katrina victims. Both of those facts don't fit into the McGovern spin.

But quietly, the left has adopted a new theme. First mentioned - again in the Washington Post this weekend - Hillary advisor and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright opined that the nation was suffering from "fear" fostered by Bush and Company to convince the American public that the Iraqi actions were warranted. Now McGovern says the Bush administration is promoting a "climate of fear" to justify the Iraqi actions. By paying attention to the left, you sense that they collectively arrive at a theme and try to convince the American public how to think.

McGovern spends much of this time blasting Bush and comparing his presidency with that of Richard Nixon. McGovern should know - Nixon defeated him in a landslide three and a half decades ago.

McGovern should go quietly into the night. At 85, he acknowledges that his day in the spotlight has long since vanished but he yearns to take one final swipe at the conservative government now in power. Actually, irrelevant may be too complimentary a term for George McGovern.

Do you ever wonder why there are no more George McGoverns around? It's because their failed approach to governing has been proven wrong time and time again. They think we can all be like Rodney King and wonder "can't we all get along?" They fail miserably to understand the complexities of our modern and dangerous world society. They fail miserably to understand that our enemies have vowed to destroy our culture both abroad and at home. And yet they repeat the same tired, worn mistakes of the past.

George McGovern is worse than irrelevant. He is wrong.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen