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Speakout 7/28

Friday, July 28, 2006

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This is for all "dead-beat" mothers out there who try to convince everyone that they are the victim, when in all reality they are the ones victimizing their child's father along with their own child. What I have trouble understanding is how you can downgrade your child's father. Now, I could understand this if this child's father was a true loser "dead-beat dad" and did not pay child support, or obey his part of the court order. But instead your child did luck in to having a hard working, wonderful dad, who does pay his child support and does everything in accordance with the court order. So, in all reality you are the "dead-beat parent." It amazes me that you will never see that you are the problem and the only person that you are truly traumatizing is the child you claim to care so much about. These mothers need to let go of their petty little issues and be thankful that their child has a wonderful, caring dad who wants to have a relationship. Be an adult "grown up" and stop using your child for your own personal, vindictive agenda.

I think it's time the people speak out about the way the officers treat the inmates in the prison. They are supposed to treat them with respect and they are not doing it. Something should be done about this because they are not doing it. They are human.

There's always articles in SpeakOut about food stamps. Some people do need them, especially old people. And it seems they are always denied them because normally they are married. A single mother can work, draw a welfare check and food stamps. She lives with a man, draws military retirement, has a full time job. But because they are not married and he is not the father of the child, she gets to keep all her benefits. As the older person, if their children help them in anyway, they lose all their benefits. I don't understand the fairness of this. Does our state promote being married or living together?

I think they should let Saddam Hussein out. He can straighten Iraq out. Mr. Bush sure has made a mess. I believe Saddam could do a lot better job. Put ole dumb and dumber over there, ole Bush and Cheney. Put them on the front lines and put Saddam over them. I bet he could get it straightened out. I bet ole Bush would be glad to get back to the US and get his nose out of other people's business.

I see where they are gonna stop these kids from going to Richland Schools that live over around Morehouse and the surrounding area. It's about time. We've been bussed to Sikeston for years to go to Sikeston School and they ain't no better than the rest of us. It's about time they caught up with them and I hope they make every one of them go where they belong. And as far as this lady saying it ain't fair for her daughter, well it ain't no more for her daughter to ride the bus to Sikeston than it is for the rest of these kids having to be bussed to Sikeston. Lady, get a life and get over it and quit complaining.