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Nobody asked me but ...

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Nobody asked me but...somebody please inform the authorities that we have a missing "team" report to file. What has happened to the Sikeston Bulls? The Bulls last played a home game 11 days ago and one home game in the last 17 days.

This break from home games could not have come at a worst time for the Bulls. The last home game on June 26 drew the largest crowd in franchise history and the Bulls won the game.

It helps if the Bulls win, but probably as important is for the fans to have a good time at the park. The Bulls have done a nice job in doing promotions during the games. Having a YMCA day for T-ball players was a stroke of genius.

The Bulls are trying to build up the fan base and make the games similar to minor league ones. Time will see if it works, but the current time away from home can't help the momentum built a couple of weeks ago.

* Has legion baseball, as it was once known, a thing of the past? Has specialization, all-star traveling teams and player apathy ruined the oldest summer league program?

Something has to be done to spice up the local legion scene. One does not get the feeling when attending a legion game, that everybody is giving maximum effort.

I am not saying that Sikeston coach Todd Baker or his players are tanking the season. In fact, Baker does an admirable job in just organizing the team. However, Sikeston has had some players leave the team for whatever reasons, as have several legion teams around the area.

Maybe to separate itself from other summer leagues involving high school players, legion ball needs to adopt the use of wooden bats. This way, scouts can see what a player can do with the bats that are used in the majors. This will give a legion player a step up on other organizations in the summer.

* Has anyone ever made Major League Baseball in recent history attending an open baseball tryout, like the one to be held in Chaffee on Monday by the Cincinnati Reds?

Is this sound scouting practice? From one day, major league scouts can get a "feel" for a player's potential? Since the Reds are involved, this sounds like a relic from the Marge Schott regime.

* Putting Nathan's hot dog eating contest on ESPN is like Dom DeLuise having a show on Fit TV, it don't belong. I understand that ESPN is meandering towards more entertainment than sports, but how in the heck is someone entertained watching individuals scarf down hot dogs? I suspect someone watches this stuff just like why they watch NASCAR, for the wrecks. Except in this case, watching for the reemergence of the hot dog.

If Nathan's wants to make it a real contest, tell the participants to stop dunking the hot dogs in water. What kind of crap is that? Yes, my preferred way of eating a hot dog is dipping it first in my glass of water. Nothing better than a soggy bun, with hot dog flavored water.

* Michelle Wie is doing some things on the golf course that even the great Tiger Woods has not done. When Woods was 16-years old, had he finished in the top five of four majors? Was Woods ranked second in men's golf, the way Wie is for the LPGA?

Wie is not going to be as popular as Woods because the average American sports fan does not embrace women's athletics. However, Wie will dominate ladies golf more than Woods did with the men.

* And finally, nobody asked me but...I don't care about the MLB All-Star game. In fact, I will not watch one inning. Why? Simple, no matter how much baseball commissioner Bud Selig and his cronies say how the game is important and means something, the players and coaches don't feel the same way.

This is not to bash baseball. I hate all the so-called all-star games. From the Pro Bowl to the WNBA, I am a equal opportunity basher of all-star games.

Don't try and make a all-star game into something that it is not. In fact, don't play the games. Just announce at the end of the year who the all-stars were and give them some type of monetary bonus. Who to say that an all-star in July, will be one in October.