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Speakout 4/24

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ole Al Gore, owner of three mansions, is holed up in his mansion in Nashville, Tenn. He's not coming out much. He's like the groundhog. He was preaching the planet had a fever, global warming. Now he's holed up and his fever has ran into a chill. He don't know what to do about the planet chill. I guess he'll come out if it ever warms up. But the ole boy is all mixed up.

Mike Jensen's editorial on April 15th tells it like it is. However, when is the white population going to stop Jackson and Sharpton dictate what we can say and do to allow the black population to do as they please. Yes, there is definitely a double standard in America today.

I think it would be a very good thing to run Your view on Thursday, April 12 every week for several weeks. It would be a very good thing for people to continue to read and think upon.

Have you heard about the new business in town? It's called Hit the mailbox and run. Yeah, and mine was the first one. In fact, they tried it out to see if it really worked on Sunday April 15 in between 9:45 a.m. and 12:10 p.m. They hit your mailbox and bend it over enough where you can't close the door. Isn't that the neatest thing? Not only that, they have the nerve to leave a calling card. They spill stuff on it and leave it all sticky. Just the dandiest business in town. I'm surprised no one has heard of it. I'm sorry I missed it, but I was in church at that time. Hopefully I will be here the next time so I can thank them for such a good job they did on my mailbox. Isn't that just the dandiest?

When I first heard the charges against Bill Ferrell I said "No way, you'll have to prove it to me 100 percent." So Bill, the people who knew you didn't believe it anyway so don't lose any sleep over it. Let those who brought the charges deal with it. Wonder if they sleep well?

I don't understand why Sikeston and Miner are so upset over the sales tax issue. Every time you need some help you call the sheriff and the Highway Patrol. I guess next time you call the sheriff's department, they need not go down that direction. Scott County does extend way more than Scott City if you would ever look at the signs as you come out of Cape. It's kind of strange, you say everybody buys in Cape instead of Sikeston. I, for one will be buying there now instead of Sikeston, which I have for years and years. All my doctors, places I like to eat are there, stores, the Outlet Mall. If you people don't care to support the sheriff's department where everyone in the county has help, it's not coming out of everyone's pocket anyway. If you don't go shopping it's not costing you anything. Go ahead and keep all your dirty old drug dealers and your murderers, which you have quite a bit of. Go ahead and keep them and put them in your jail down there. Don't send them up here in the northern part of the county.