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Speakout 3/29

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm calling because I see in the SpeakOut where it says President Jensen. I'd love to see him run for President. I'd vote for him. He's got more sense than these people putting stuff in the paper griping who don't know what they are talking about. They need to live a life like I've lived, no school, no home, no family no nothing. I'm lucky to be where I am and I thank God for it. I don't know why they put this stuff in SpeakOut for people to read. It's just a bunch of trash, that's all it is. Keep up the good work, Michael Jensen. One of these days if you run for President, I know one person who'll vote for you.

Now that you are back staying with your parents, I want to thank you so much for making us have to get up an hour earlier than what we normally do during the week to go out and start up your car between 5:30 and a quarter of 6 and your revving it up. We can't sleep and one of these days, this is going to come back to you. You are so irresponsible. Think about others besides yourself for once.

Mike Jensen is right on target about Medicaid. I have been around people in their 20's where I work. All they talk about is antidepressant, anxiety or sleeping pill that their doctor has given them. Of course they are on Medicaid. Isn't there something we can do about these doctors that so readily hand out these prescriptions? I'm speaking from experience. When I was young I had anxiety issues. A doctor sat me down and told me I was going to have to fight some of it on my own. Of course I didn't have a Medicaid card. What is it? Young people can't face life so just narcotize them? Isn't there someone who can check out these doctors who hand out these kinds of drugs frequently? We taxpayers are paying for all these prescription drugs out there. We need to find away to stop the vicious cycle.

This is to all you who think Bush is doing a great job. I want you to just sit down and figure a while on what has happened. If you take a family of four with two working, and they have to drive to work from Sikeston to Cape, they spend $60-$80 on gas a week compared to $30-$40 a week several years ago. Doctor bills have doubled or tripled. Insurance is outrageous. Figure your taxes. They have gone up too. Talking about taking care of the poor. I'm not for Medicaid, I'm strictly against it. But that's what we are giving to Iraq's people. Why should we give it to them when we aren't getting anything from it and losing lives of our young people? Sit down and figure this a while and you'll see the difference. He needs to be out of there.

This is in response to the caller who wants to get rid of the electoral college and wants a pure democracy and is living under the false assumption that we as we in the United States are not a real democracy. You need to brush up on your history. You need to study up on what real democracy is. That's not what the United States was formed as. We are a representative republic. It is a major difference than a true democracy. A true democracy is when three wolves and a sheep sit down together and vote on who they are going to eat for supper. If that's the kind of democracy you want, go to an Arab country or somewhere else. We don't want it here.