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SpeakOut 1/14

Monday, January 14, 2008

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We live in Cairo, Ill. and play Bingo at the K.C. Hall. We don't understand why they don't give us heat. We come all the way from Illinois to play at the K.C. Hall and they will not give us heat. It was later asked about $40 worth of heat and we still weren't given heat.

I agree with Mike Jensen on his article about greed putting the housing market in trouble. I don't want one dollar of my tax money helping them out of their money pinch. But what can we do about this?

This is in reply for the guy who says he moved to St. Louis and is a former Sikeston, Mo. resident that spoke on the Grinch List. I am a proud black man of Sikeston, Mo. and I'm wondering if you would applaud the grinch hat worn by Officer Adams why wouldn't you look for a little professionalism even though it's wrong doing that these guys have done. It is right for the police to arrest these guys, but I mean, you are also going to the homes of little kids. Their moms are being taken, their dads are being taken. You are symbolizing a Santa Claus that is supposed to be good around Christmas time. And to answer about the black athletes from Sikeston who chose the lazy route. Ninety-five percent of the black athletes, I would bet, end up like this. It's only because we don't have a Coach Cookson or a Coach McFerren that actually cares about the students. I'm a former Sikeston athlete myself. One thing I've learned living in Sikeston, Mo., after you shoot that last bucket, after you run that last touchdown, the coaches have nothing to do with you. Look at all the good athletes that come from Sikeston, Mo. You mean to tell me that New Madrid County, Scott County Central, Charleston, Mo., Bell City, they have better athletes than Sikeston - no. They just have coaches that care about them after they score that last touchdown, after they score that last field goal, after they run that last track meet. Until we get coaches like that, we're going to have the same problem. We need someone that's in our school system to show some of our younger kids that you don't have to go this route. Not use them up in school and then throw them to the wayside and wait for them to get picked up.

This is in response to the person who called in about Dec. 25 not being Jesus's birthday. Historians and Bible scholars studied ancient documentation that led them to believe that that was the time of year. The taxes were being paid and census was being taken. As December not being cold weather, these countries are pretty much warm all year round. Mary and Joseph left Bethlehem after Jesus's birth and went into Egypt to escape King Herrod. Joseph was on foot and Mary was riding a donkey. It couldn't have been very far, plus Egypt is pretty much desert. They don't have to worry about the cold.

I'm calling in reference to the Nitty gritty of the needy and greedy. You apparently don't read your Bible very much because it says Do not judge. Second of all, what are you calling hand out? You and the pastors in the churches attach the words to get around the real truth. If I was you mister, I'd read my Bible from back to front - twice. Have you read it twice? Anyway, I'm saying that you shouldn't judge. Get the cobwebs out of your own closet. He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. There's sinners in all churches.