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Speakout 9/29

Friday, September 29, 2006

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This is about all the people bashing President Carter. You better stop and think. Ford Motor Company is laying off workers in the thousands, we didn't have that when he was President. Unemployment is higher. Think you need to wake up.

Sikeston needs a good American food restaurant. It's frustrating to try to get good a good breakfast or a good dinner in Sikeston unless you like Chinese or Mexican food.

I think the Pope did the right thing when he said what he did about the Muslims because all terrorists are Muslims and I believe they are the evil religion. Hooray to the Pope and he does not owe them an apology and I am not a Catholic.

You all might think Jimmy Carter was a bad president but he had to deal with a Republican Congress. We are where we are today because of what Ronald Reagan did. Jimmy Carter was a human being. Wasn't very many human beings ever in the White House. He cared about people.

I looked in the telephone directory and there are several churches listed and I suppose there are many that are not listed. I also assume that each has a pastor, minister, priest, etc. May I assume that each has been "called" by God? If so, why would one teach one thing and someone would teach something different if they are called of God and he doesn't lie? Or does being "called" by God mean that you are not necessarily to teach what God would have you teach. If all preached the gospel according to Christ would they not be teaching the same thing. Hence, one church. I would invite all of the ministers to respond through this newspaper. Probably all will not respond for various reasons. I cannot think of any reason why they would refuse to respond if they think they are truly "called" of God. I am anxiously awaiting the responses.

I don't want the hassle or noise of trains anymore than anyone else. I hear them at all times and I have to cross the tracks to get to work and again to get back home. What happens when the city needs the railroad to entice industry or to increase the size of a company that is already here? The company I work for may very well need the railroad to support its constant growth. What if the railroad refused to supply those companies because of the stand that the city took against their own growth? What then Sikeston? You may have won the war, but you could lose the battle.

I support stem cell research 100 percent. You Christians talking down on stem cell research need to think because God can put stuff on you too.

For the American businesses, barely finishing, cutting out all the jobs and moving all the plants to Mexico to China, who's gonna buy that product?