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Speakout 12/20

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I started to read John McMillen's latest mega-length letter to the editor, but realized McMillen's views have mercifully been rendered irrelevant.

It must be nice to send out statements each month and say your bill is going up $2 next month like the cable people. Do they have no censorship? Are they able to do this? Never mind that we don't get raises every month.

To that know-it-all Democrat that said there were more Democrats fighting than Republicans. I don't know about that. There are more blacks in the military than there are whites and Charlie Rangel, the new up coming Democrat that said he wanted to start up the draft because there is more blacks than there is whites. So let's get our wires straight here.

Mike, why couldn't the editorial Holy Cow have been just about global warming? I would have liked it a lot better. However, would you answer a few questions for me? We need laws to protect the environment. Should we let big corporations have a free pass to pollute at will? If a company is polluting willfully should they be stopped, and does this law apply to Sikeston, Mo.?

No, yes, yes.

I was calling about Wasted days and wasted nights that you printed Dec. 12. I would like to answer the question about what the fascination is about a woman seeking out a married man. Nine times out of ten the woman doesn't know the man is married until she's involved with him and second, even if she did know, I feel like if you are a married man and you're seeking out another woman, evidently the wife isn't doing her job. It's not so much as a fantasy as I don't have to be with your man on an everyday basis. Nine times out of ten, he's paying my bills. It's not that a woman is preying on another woman's man. It just happens. How am I supposed to know that your man is married if he doesn't tell me? I don't have any sympathy with this woman if she's married to this man and he's out sleeping around on her. That's a problem she needs to deal with with her husband.

For those women who keep calling about men cheating on their wives, why don't you just grow up and read your Bible daily, pray daily and go ahead and depend on God and not man. If you have to complain about a man cheating on you, then evidently he was not meant to be your husband, evidently he wasn't the one. So why don't you wake up and smell the coffee. God is the one who made us and without Him we are nothing. Just live your life and depend on the man above us. Amen