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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

Speakout 8/17

Friday, August 17, 2007

To the person who was so upset about a Miner police officer following their father into Sikeston. This is what they are supposed to do, patrol the streets of Miner. If he happened to be behind your father, so what? If he is a fine law abiding citizen and I'm sure he is, he need not fear the police. They don't bother law abiding citizens. So find something that matters to gripe about. Global warming, the war in Iraq, the price of gas, etc. And let the police do their jobs.

Thank you Mr. DeWitt for addressing the mistakes in the delinquent tax list. After several calls to family and friends on that list, and calls from people in Sikeston concerning the list, I am glad you spoke up. I too have family members on the list who paid the tax. I know they paid it because they were driving cars that were tagged in Missouri during those years. Mr. Crowley's name could still be on the list because the person with the quit claim deed to his home may have not bothered to have the deed transferred to their name. I knew Mr. Crowley and he was not one to forget to pay his taxes! He might have grumbled about it, but he would pay them. I too received a call about being on that infamous list, imagine my surprise, since I have not owned any property in Scott County or Missouri since early 1990's. Of course if one is on the list and the list is never wrong, then one can surmise if on the tax roll then you might be on the voter list and with an important election coming next year, then perhaps they will try to vote the Scott County deceased and those of us no longer living there? I suggest to Mr. DeWitt that he do as I intend to do, contact the State auditor's office and request an audit of the Scott County Assessor's office, as well as the tax collector's office. I made inquires with both, as well as the city office, and was told if it is on the assessor's list then you owe it. The city says they get their info from the assessor's office. The Missouri Statistics office puts out a deceased list, perhaps it would be wise if Scott County offices were to check it once in awhile. Citizens, if you plan on moving out of state, notify these people or 15 years later, you may windup on the list!

I put it in SpeakOut awhile back that the police will have a big drug bust and they will only arrest the street level dealers. The big guys are left alone. Once in awhile they may get an upper level dealer but they will usually get off. A prime example, last spring a major dealer was arrested and charged in both Scott and New Madrid County. In both counties this person's court dates kept being extended until they finally just disappeared altogether. This person is free and more than likely still dealing. What kind of justice is that?

There has been no response to my reward for a lost camera printed in this paper on Aug. 10. My Kodak camera was lost at Lambert's Cafe on Aug. 8. I am most concerned about the memory card which contains many pictures taken of my family this summer. I would be most grateful for its return to E. Fox at the Standard-Democrat. No questions asked.