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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 8/27

Monday, August 27, 2007

When gas was $3 a gallon, Bush got all the credit for raising it to that point. Since everyone has to have gas, today Aug. 16, I noticed the price was $2.44. Why would he bring it down since evidently he controls the market?

You know the national study showing that Missouri was the 35th worse state in the nation to drive in, they actually did that study in Sikeston, Mo. We have the worse drivers in the world in Sikeston. Everyone of them would get killed in Memphis or St. Louis or Kansas City. They can't drive, they don't give signals, they don't stop at stop signs.

The SpeakOut caller is a liar and a very mean person to say President Bush and Barry Bonds are both on illegal drugs. I hope he will get arrested for that. It's a sin to hate someone so badly that they would put out something like this on a person who is not doing this.

You probably won't print this because it's about the Sikeston Police Department. I truly believe Chief Juden doesn't know it because he's a really good chief. About two months ago there was a wreck in front of Jasper's. One person got a ticket for no insurance. The other person knew the police officer and didn't get a ticket. He had illegal license plates for three months. He was told to get legal license plates if he could. But this person is still driving with illegal license plates. If you have illegal license plates the insurance doesn't have to fix your car, right? The insurance didn't know about the illegal license plates and fixed the car. I think Chief Juden needs to know because he is a good chief.