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SpeakOut 1/22

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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It hurt to me read your very unkind editorial on Wednesday about George McGovern. During World War II, McGovern won one of the military's most coveted awards, the Distinguished Flying Cross as a B-24 bomber pilot, a fact he seldom mentions. Stationed in Italy, he flew many, many bombing missions over Germany, which required the pilots to be at the controls for 10-14 hours at a time. At the end of these flights, the pilots had to be literally lifted from the cockpits. I read about his heroic deeds in a book entitled, The Men That Flew the B-24s. And later I read in Tom Brokaw's wonderful book, The Greatest Generation. He had this to say, "McGovern remains one of the country's most decent and thoughtful public servants." I think he deserves our respect.

Hats off to Mike Marshall for wanting to stop the litter in our town. I think they all need to go to jail. Like he said, I think they can wait until they get home to put their trash in a trashcan.

- - -

A big thank you to Mike Marshall for bringing attention to the problem of littering in our town. I recently watched in amazement while a woman and teenager in a white SUV pulled up to the corner of Moore and College, and the kid opened the passenger door and put out a huge Burger King sack full of trash right in the street of this beautiful neighborhood. She had pulled away before I realized what they had done. I would love to have told them a thing or two, especially the mom, who should be ashamed for setting such a bad example for her son. Back in the day, we were taught in elementary school to take pride in our environment and not to litter. Remember the admonition, "Don't be a litter bug." Are these concepts still taught to our children?

- - -

A special thanks to Mike Marshall for his stand against littering. Hope our police force takes action. Give them a large fine and post it in the paper.

I would like to thank who ever is responsible for putting the star up on the Power Plant smokestack. They've been doing this for years. It shines across our city during December. I want to thank those responsible. It's nice to have a star shining across our city for the holidays.

I just read that the Girl Scout are going to start selling cookies on Friday. It would be wonderful if they could come to Wendell Apartments. If they could let them know when they were coming, then she could be it on the board that they are coming at such and such time on what day. People that wanted some could come to the Community Room. I don't ever get a chance to get the cookies, because I don't see anybody. I don't have any kids that are in school that are Girl Scouts, I have a boy.

Boo, hoo, hoo. Cry me a river. I'm tired of hearing the boo-hooing, belly aching mouthing teacher educators complain and brag about how poorly paid they are, and what a sacrifice they are making. What crap! Has anyone seen any old cars in the teachers' lot lately? Public school teachers work less time than anyone for their second income salaries, have multiple retirements at more than they make working, strut their diploma mill one night a week, so called masters or doctors certificates and treat our children with calculated indifference at best. Which along the with the school book publishing racket, helps explain why American children are dumber than posts and the disgrace of the industrialized nations. Most education classes barely reach a sixth grade level if that. Concocted, pretentious, meaningless vocabulary, empty of content and a waste of time and money. The education racket is pure Socialism and a sink hole of nepotism and mediocrity. Children would be better off educating themselves with the great books.