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Small world brings big problems to U.S.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Let me see if I have this right. North Korea is firing missiles in tests designed to expand their reach right into the continental United States. Iran has thumbed its nose at the international community and is proceeding with all haste in developing nuclear weapons easily capable of hitting our allies in the region. The war in Iraq is perhaps going in the right direction but it's taking longer than anyone had predicted.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants continue to flood across our southern borders daily with absolutely no solution in sight.

Now have I missed anything? Obviously I have because there are ample reasons for true concern these days. It seems that our world is in the midst of management crises on a daily basis. And I believe this background of drama impacts our lives more than we would acknowledge.

I think most of us would rather our government focus on domestic issues. We have people who lack jobs and adequate insurance coverage. We have an underclass with little if any hope of elevating their position or the position of the next generation. What we would all like to do is to use our tax dollars to improve the lives of Americans. That desire crosses political lines, economic lines, racial lines, etc.

But the harsh reality is that our world is shrinking and events in North Korea do in fact impact our lives. Unchecked, North Korea would attack Japan and invade South Korea. Unchecked, Iran would drop a nuclear device on Israel and perhaps other allies in the region.

In short - like it or not - we live on a small planet and what impacts one area of the world often impacts us as well. That goes with the territory of being a superpower and a huge economic force in the world market. And more often that not, the impact is not a positive one on the citizens of this country.

If you study history at all you'll recognize that global unrest is nothing new. And the involvement of the United States in unrest on the other side of the world is also nothing new. But technology has clearly raised the stakes in this global mishmash and we seem to be the ones who always pay the price.

If you think a different political party can solve the problem, you're mistaken. The absolutely, indisputable truth is a Democratic administration handed the keys to the nuclear arsenal to the North Koreans. Look it up and you'll see the truth. But I'm not pointing a finger of blame because it may well have happened under a Republican administration as well. Who knows?

Today, the United States can realistically lay claim to having the most powerful military and the latest technology in the world. That claim will remain true a while longer. But the day will arrive when our military is not superior and we'll find ourselves vulnerable.

So why don't we flex the military muscle today and send a clear message to others? If you mess with us, you will pay a price. And the price will far exceed your worst nightmare.

Send that message once or twice and maybe this country could once again focus on domestic issues that are heavy on the hearts of all Americans each and every day.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen