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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Legislating proper attire isn't possible

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

If I've heard the question asked once, I've heard it a thousand times - why do some young males today wear the baggy pants that hang down near their knees with their boxer shorts showing? For starters, it can't be comfortable having to hold your britches up with one hand as you walk along. And if it's called "style" then give me a leisure suit instead. And finally, I'm not too interested in seeing your boxers.

Now - of all places - the Atlanta city council is considering banning the baggy pants they call "jailhouse fashion." The council there also wants to ban thongs from being exposed outside of pants for women.

We wish them luck but know the ordinance cannot and will not stand a court challenge.

The baggy pants are a product of the hip hop culture and though the councilwoman who proposed the ban is black, some view the ordinance as yet another racial profiling measure. Several black parents are supporting the baggy ban because they believe the fashion gives a poor impression of young black males.

I think the councilwoman is right. But believe me, this measure stands zero chance of success.

But Atlanta is far from the first to try and clean up the baggy image. Several Louisiana towns, for example, have offered similar plans.

You won't see Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan wear the baggy jailhouse attire. Not a chance. But you will see many of the thugs who inhabit the NBA in this attire. The message is clear for all to see. But some things you can't change through government intervention. Fashion - regardless of your opinion - is a prime example.

When I was a bit younger - OK a lot younger - I wore attire that would make me blush today. I thought it was "cool." At the time, I may have been right but in hindsight, I'm so glad those days are gone.

Here's the bottom line - pardon the pun - on baggy pants. Two guys walk into a business and apply for a job. One is neatly attired and the other is in full thug costume. Want to bet which one has the better chance for the job?

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen